IPhone Islam offers you its first program, and it is considered the second Arabic program after The Quran And it is a completely Arab program .. And as we promised you from the first day, we will try, God willing, to provide the Arab community with everything that will benefit it on this new innovative setup. We carried out the promise with the help of God, and the grace of him .. We did not do anything except with great facilitation from God until we felt it. Praise be to God.

The program contains: morning remembrance, evening remembrance, more than 260 dhikr and supplication on all occasions, and for the first time on mobile phones "Subha" ..


Installation method

  1. Open a program  Installer (Look here if you don't know how)
  2. Click on the icon Sources At the bottom on the right, then a button Edit And press the button  Add
  3. Write this website to add it (http://apps.iphoneislam.com), (If you have already added it, there is no need to add it again)
  4. The program will add the site to the program resources, then click on the icon install At the bottom on the left
  5. Go to the section (iPhoneIslamThen press on(iAzkar)
  6. click on the button install At the top on the right
  7. Close the program (Installer

Special thanks: Hani Hani, designer of the program's logo

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