One of my brothers raised this issue, and was asked (Is decoding the protection of the iPhone forbidden?)
Of course we are not the people of the fatwa, so when someone asks a question about religion, he must ask who is knowledgeable in the field of religion, it is unreasonable for you to get sick and come to the iPhone Islam page and seek advice .. And so in religion if you want to know something about Concerning your religion, consult religious scholars, not your friend at work.

But it is necessary to show the world in order to base his fatwa on the facts and explain to him what is the decoding of the protection of the iPhone and is this legally permissible and what are the terms of the contract between you and the manufacturer of the phone.

First: What is the iPhone unlock decoder? The American system for marketing mobile phones depends on the partnership system between the service provider and the phone manufacturer, so that the phone manufacturer shuts down his phone to work only with one service provider, and therefore the latter pays money to the company that manufactures the phone in exchange for his monopoly on this phone and prohibits all other service providers from Taking advantage of the subscriptions of this phone, and conversely, the user may leave his current service provider and go to a new contract with the monopoly company because of his desire to own this phone. But this does not mean that you do not pay for the phone, but after you have paid the price of the phone (albeit somewhat reduced), you also have to pay the monthly subscription of the monopoly company. And unlocking the phone means making your phone work on any service provider, not just the monopoly company.

Second: Is it legal to unlock the phone? Yes, but with conditions ... that there are many legal issues surrounding the dismantling of the protection of the iPhone. The software and fixed phone operating system are protected by copyright law, however ... the Copyright Office issued six exemptions to the DMCA last year, one of which allows consumers to unleash cell phones “for the sole purpose of connecting their communications network to their personal phone” but with reservation. You cannot sell phones without protection, because you have changed what the law allows, and your goal is to trade, not to connect your personal phone to a communication network.

Third: What are the terms of the contract between you and the phone manufacturer? There is no condition in the terms of the contract between you and the phone manufacturer that prevents you from removing the protection of your phone, but of course there is a condition that makes your phone out of warranty if you open your phone or modify it in any way. In other words, when this condition is exceeded, you do not have the right to refer to the company that manufactured the phone in anything, because you violated the contract with this amendment.

Also, to increase knowledge of this issue, there are some countries such as France that refuse to monopolize and give freedom to the user to choose his phone service provider in light of the fact that he has already paid for the phone, so when Apple launched the iPhone in France, it turned off the phone on all the country's networks and the user became entitled. In choosing a phone service provider.

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