The program works on firmware 1.1.4 only, and of course it does not work on iPhone 3G

a program To my prayers It is the most famous and most popular prayer program on Windows, and now there is an iPhone version that beats even like it is in Windows thanks to the wonderful capabilities of the phone. Program Advantages

  1. Changeable interface Skins Make the program look to suit your taste More than ten additional shapes with the add-on package
  2. Varied Azan sounds, and more can be added through the add-on package
  3. There are many ways of alerting the call to prayer, and the alarm methods can also be increased through the add-ons package
  4. The program does not run in the background, but only a small part, and it does not keep the device in a state of always awakening as the iPray program does, but only wakes the phone at prayer time, which saves battery consumption
  5. The program supports all cities in the world and this is because you can choose your city through Google Maps, so there is no need to search for your city in large lists and rely on your luck in finding this city, now simply let Google search for it for you
  6. Program settings are easy and simple
  7. The program shows the next prayer time on the external program icon, so you do not need to open the program to know the next prayer time
  8. The program has a result that shows you the Hijri day and important times in the year of Islam
  9. Display the Hijri or Gregorian date on the main screen of the program with the ability to modify the Hijri date
  10. The position of the sun changes according to the time of prayer and the actual shape of the moon is displayed after the Isha prayer
  11. The program works in Arabic and English in harmony without special localization for the phone or any additions

Installation method

  1. Open a program Installer (Look here if you don't know how)
  2. Click on the icon Sources At the bottom on the right, then a button Edit And press the button Add
  3. Write this website to add it (, (If you have already added it, there is no need to add it again)
  4. The program will add the site to the program resources, then click on the icon install At the bottom on the left
  5. Go to the section (iPhoneIslamThen press on(Ela-Salaty)
  6. click on the button install At the top on the right
  7. Close the program (Installer)

Installation method for plugins

  1. Open a program Installer
  2. Go to the section (iPhoneIslamThen press on (Ela-Salaty Sounds) or  (Ela-Salaty Plugins) or (Ela-Salaty Skins)
  3.  click on the button install At the top on the right

jal_democracy (4, ”,”);

The program only works on the firmware 1.1.4 and there is no update for it yet

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