Praise be to God, who has bestowed upon us and honored us and poured abundantly upon us of his mercy and blessings, pleased us and made it easy for us and provided us with his thanks and perfected for us the best of his donation.


Today we announce the release of the new localization, Arabtaller Plus, and it works on firmware 2.2 and the latest firmware 2.2.1
First, and before presenting the advantages of the new Arabization, I would like to warn that The new localization cannot be downloaded over the old localization Restore or Update must be done, and if you do not use Turbosem or YellowSn0w, it is preferable to upgrade to the firmware 2.2.1, then jailbreak and update Cydia to the latest version and make all the updates. Then add Source iPhone Islam and install the new Arabization Arabtaller Plus


Features of Arabization of iPhone Islam Arabtaller Plus

1- Technical
In the past, the localization was based on changing the files of the phone system itself, opening them and modifying them to enter the functions of interlacing and reversing the Arabic letters and other functions used in the localization, and this of course was making the programming of localization a hard work and requires a lot of time in every firmware as it requires doing the same steps with each firmware New and if not much has changed in the system files, but the slightest change would have destroyed our work, so we have to re-study the system files to see where the functions are injected without harming them and make the phone accept Arabic. Also in terms of the speed of localization and because the localization files were overloaded on the system files that were not configured, so it required us to put external files with some functions and opening these files affects the speed of the phone, although this effect is very simple, but it can be noticeable at times.

Now with Arabtaller Plus Arabization, the localization has been rewritten from scratch and all previous work has been canceled and a new technology used is the same technique used with the well-known program WinterBoard, which depends on changing the system commands in the device's memory and before implementing it, so that all operations are done in memory and the speed of the device is never affected. Also, with the use of the new programming method, the system files themselves are not modified, and this would facilitate the development of Arabization in the coming versions, and if the modifications are small, the Arabization may not need to be developed and will work directly, God willing.

2- Ease of installation and size of localization files
In the past, the size of the localization files was more than 5 MB, the localization did not contain any additions, and it could only be deleted after performing a complete restore of the phone. And he must restart
The phone after installing the localization, and sometimes the installation process fails, you need to do a restore for your phone again.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus The size of the localization files has become half and contains many advantages such as additional fonts, Arabic sounds, and many other features, such as the ability to change the localization settings from one program, such as changing the shape of the keyboard and other settings. After installing the localization, you do not need to restart the phone. And the new localization can never harm your phone. You can also delete the localization easily without affecting the phone or even restarting it.

3- The possibility of modification to the Arabic text easily
In the past, it was difficult to amend the Arabic text after writing it, and this affected other programs such as copy and paste programs, which were impossible to use in the presence of the previous Arabization.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus You can change the text and place the cursor in the desired location easily and conveniently. Also, the use of copy and paste programs has become possible and easy. God willing, this feature will be developed to work better and be more natural.

4- The keyboard
Previously, the keyboard was not compatible with the Mac and Apple system keyboard. Some shaping moves like intensity were not present. And there were some letters impossible to write, such as the letter or چ. Some abbreviations for letters such as no, no, no, or otherwise were not present. The Shift key was always working at the beginning of each line, which confused the user, and it had to be turned off from the keyboard settings and deprived of this feature in the English language. Autocorrect works in Arabic and reduces the speed of text writing.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus 100% keyboard with Mac and Apple keyboards. Now the keyboard has a distinctive shape and has all the movements, including intensity, and you can press on the letter for a second. You can write additional letters such as the letter ڤ or چ and others as well as some shortcuts for letters such as no, no, no, and no. The new localization is smart and knows when to write Arabic and when to write English, and it disables some features that are not suitable for Arabic, such as (Auto Shift) and (Auto Correction), so when you write war, there is no confusion in every new line and you can enjoy these features if you want in languages Other.

5- Direction of texts
In the past, Arabization did not align the text with the right, it was not possible in reading or writing, and the text was always aligned with the left side like foreign languages.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus He can discover the language in which it is written. If it is Arabic, the text is aligned to the right, and if it is not, the bias remains on the left. Also, in mixed sentences, the Arabization program aligns the text based on the first word. And not only in writing, but better than that in reading as well, but with intelligence, not all texts can be aligned on the right side, and not distort the general appearance of the phone, but in important programs such as letters, notes, mail and other programs in which the alignment of the text is a great pleasure for the Arab user.

7- Contacts
In the past, Arabization did not arrange the contacts in Arabic letters unless the interface of your phone was Arabic and this arrangement was somewhat sterile as the English and Arabic letter shortcuts are displayed in the same place even if your phone does not contain English connected and the Arabic letters remain even if your phone is not Contains connected to Arabic.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus Arranging contacts is a real pleasure, as the new Arabization deals with shortcuts and arranging contacts in a very smart way. If the phone interface is Arabic, the Arabization is considered that your greatest interest is in Arabic names and only puts the letters of the callers who are actually on your phone at the top, and if the phone interface is not Arabic, the Arabization is considered Your greatest interest is in foreign names, so he puts them in the foreground, and also does not deprive you of the advantage of writing Arabic callers and puts the Arabic letters below. The new Arabization also has many deadly things in this regard, but it is difficult to explain it, so this feature must be used because it is my personal favorite.

8- Software compatibility
In the past, Arabization was incompatible with some programs and sometimes led to the inability to run these programs at all, such as the Stanza book reading program, and also some programs such as the (Translator) program already had tools for reversing the Arabization characters, and this was inconsistent with the old Arabization, reflecting it. The letters and the localization reflect the letters, and the result is unordered letters for the user.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus There is a routine for compatibility with the programs and it will be developed, God willing, based on the information that the user tells us, so that the localization is compatible with all programs and works normally with each program.

8- Additions to localization
In the past, Arabization was very difficult to change the Arabic calligraphy and it is limited only to professionals who can open the phone files and replace the font files and changing the shape of the keyboard was impossible even for the most professional. Also, there was no tool to control the localization settings.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus There is an additional program to be added to your set of programs. This program is useful in two ways. First, it displays all news of iPhone Islam and keeps you updated on new developments in the world of the iPhone and in the Arabic language. On the other hand, you can control the fonts in a very simple way, with one click you can change the font or the Arabic keyboard or even add Arabic sounds to your phone. Because of the rush of users to the new version, few options were added, but it was especially useful for those who want a keyboard whose font is more clear. This was the request of most of the vision impaired and the elderly, and also for the font used in Arabization, we took care that the alternative font be clearer and larger. And soon, God willing, there will be a large group of fonts, keyboards and sounds to suit all tastes.


We are tired of writing new features and there are still many other advantages, such as modifying the Arabic history in all programs so that its coordination is clearer and separate from time. Arabic lists are now much better and almost all phone lists are Arabized, including the mail program, pictures and other lists, and other features that may be more important than what was mentioned.

9-At the end
In the past, Arabization was good and served the purpose, and it witnessed great stages of development that did not take place in a day and night, and it was a great effort, and God bless us is greater. During these stages, Arabization was stolen from us more than once, and unfortunately at the hands of our brothers, the last of which affected us materially and morally.

Now with Arabization Arabtaller Plus We competed ourselves and, thanks to God, outperformed them and did not let despair and thieves affect us on the contrary. This was an incentive for us to prove to the Arab user that the crack does not work, on the contrary, it is true that the crack harms all users, and the use of the original programs always leads to its development for the better, and all this is in the interest of the user. As long as the honest competition is better than stealing the efforts of others, especially if they are our brothers.

Localization price
It is normal for companies to charge a price to upgrade the new versions, for example when Microsoft produces a version such as Windows XP and then upgrades Windows to Vista it charges the user a fee. But iPhone Islam offers you the upgrade to the new version, even if it is completely different from the old one, for free. Even if you were one of the first to buy the localization when its price was $ 10 in the firmware 1.1.4, you can upgrade for free, and if you bought the localization yesterday at $ 30, you can upgrade For free.

I would like to personally thank all the Arabization team, headed by Engineer Walid who worked long hours without complaining, my brother Moayad Mansour and his wonderful amendment of the Arabic lists and his linguistic review of them, and my brother Ibrahim Palestine also for his amendment of the Arabic lists since version 2.0, as well as everyone who helped me to test the new Arabization, including my brother Hassan. Supervisor of the iPhone section of the GSM Cafe forum, and I thank everyone who helped us with a medical word or patience. We forgive everyone who insulted us and offended us, and I would like to thank my family that did not see me despite my presence with them, and before everyone I thank God for his grace and grace.

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