I stopped Upon news I am browsing the news sites of the iPhone and the content of the news is that the programmer of the program Stack programmer Steven Troughton-Smith decided to stop developing the wonderful free program Stack forever and refer the reason to piracy of the programs that he programmed for the Apple software store which he depends on for a living and then finds time to program free programs. And he said

“I have to do additional work because it is difficult to program programs, and then people like paniK pirate software available for sale and I watch the wills of my efforts disappear overnight. This means that I spend more time and marketing to develop and develop other programs in the Apple application store in an attempt to compensate Losses that happen to me due to piracy, and this does not leave time for projects such as Stack, and I cannot continue like this. ”

So everyone who pirated the programs did not only harm himself, but also hurt respectable people who do not use pirated software and crack and has deprived a very large class of users from having a person like Steven continuing his efforts and creating free programs that will never be available except in this way.

So I thought and said what if we hurt Saurik and stopped programming and developing Cydia, the Winterboard program, the Cycorder video imaging program, and the MobileSubstrate engine on which most of the programs, including biteSMS, iRealSMS, and other important programs are based.

You and I are enjoying our phone and these wonderful programs. We shoot a video, change the phone theme, send multimedia messages and other capabilities that make our phone wonderful in the sense of the word, so instead of thanking the programmers, we steal them. They offer us free programs and others for the price, so we use the free software and steal the same price. Glory be to Allah.


  • Some say we do not have a purchase card over the Internet and we cannot buy programs, so we are forced to use pirated programs.

Respond to me who says that is you stealing everything that you do not have a price or means to buy it? Would you pass by in a store and he said to you, we apologize, we only accept cash, and you only have a purchase card. Do you steal the goods and say what do I do? They only accept cash, and I have nothing but a visa. Is this logic that justifies the theft? Do you use pirated software because you can't buy it? My dear brother, what you cannot buy, do not steal or use it, seek a legitimate means of purchase, or never buy. Be patient and dispense with the best program that dispenses your dignity, harms yourself and your brothers, and does something that anger your Lord.

  • Some say everyone uses pirated software, why don't I use them too, and if it was a bad thing, everyone would not have done that.

I tell you the saying of Ibn al-Qayyim (Do not be deceived by the large number of those who perish, and do not be tempted by the lack of those who walk) and Al-Fadil said (You must follow the paths of guidance, and the few who walk and beware of the ways of error do not harm you, and do not be deceived by the large number of those who perish) .. This is our principle, my dear brother. On the truth, and throughout the ages, God and the prophets have warned us not to be deceived by the multitude of those who do wrong, and the evidence for that is many. God told us that the multitude of those who are guilty does not indicate that they are right, and on the contrary, you find that those who follow the truth are few, and therefore it is not correct for you to say that it is unreasonable that most people do wrong, rather it is the reasonable one. It never harms you, but do the right thing and let the others follow you.

  • Some say that I have pirated Windows and not original and other programs as well, and I cannot change that for their high price, and I am a student and I do not possess the price of that, what should I do?

My brother, it does not mean that there are some pirated programs on your computer that you continue to steal the programs and use them without the permission of the owners. If you seek the help of God and decide to stop and do not continue taking programs without right, God will concern you to stop and replace the error with the reward. And all of us, like you, were victims of society that did not alert us to the seriousness of this matter and that by piracy programs we violate the rights of others. Knowing that rights are very respected in Islam, and we are the first as Muslims to respect the rights of everyone in order to show the West the sweetness of our morals and our religion.

  • Some say programmers and companies are charging very high prices for software, and I can't afford anything like that.

You and I agree about the quality of the BMW, and you and I agree that its price is expensive and perhaps more than it deserves, so why did we not see you stealing a car even though its price is exaggerated? The reason is that you will most likely be imprisoned, but of course you can steal expensive programs without fear because you will not be penalized. Even if the programmer or company asked for a very high price for its program, this does not give you the right to steal it, and on the contrary, you should encourage less expensive or free programs and do not pay any attention to these programs. And if you need it badly, then pay for it and make sure that the developer will serve you and develop the program for you as a result of what you paid.

  • Some say my phone has jailbroken it and jailbroken it, and all this is illegal, so why don't I hack programs as well?

You paid for your phone and changed its battery yourself, or you paid for your car and changed the entire engine, this does not make your phone or car illegal, and the reason is very simple because you paid for your goods and if you violated one of the conditions of sale, this takes you out of warranty or achieves the penalty for your action. . And because you paid for this commodity, the matter will be completely different if you stole the entire phone and then jailbroken it, in this case you are legally criminal and sinful according to Sharia. If you buy the program and change the pictures in it or add something to it, you are violating the terms of sale, but this does not make you a thief who stole the program because you bought it. And so far, Apple has proposed a bill to make the jailbreak illegal, and it has not been able to impose it, even unlock it, or break the protection of the same, legal in non-trading. We've talked about this before.
Your style is already wrong in presenting your case. If you do something illegal, this does not give you the right to continue with other things, so you say I steal programs, so why not steal cars? I'm stealing cars so why not steal banks? If you are doing something wrong, it makes sense to stop at that thing and think about any new mistake you will do.

  • Some say that I never violate the rights of my Muslim brothers or Arab and Islamic programs because I know the danger of this, but the infidels, especially the warriors among them, have no sanctity for them.

The fact that these programs are for American or European companies, this does not justify their theft and loading, and Islam preserves rights, encourages innovation, and protects property, and these companies are not in the rule of warriors, and the Muslim is more deserving to deal well with others, and the religion of Islam is the religion of morals and the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace. He and he is our example. He did not accept the trusts of the Quraysh even though they drove him out of Mecca, and permitted his blood. Rather, he appointed the closest people to him: Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, to return the trusts to their people. Rather, we are permissible for the money of the fighters in the battles, so there must be loyalty, especially in commercial dealings with the infidels, especially since these companies do not necessarily follow their countries, but rather are owned by different and dispersed people. (Fatwa by Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Qasim). My dear brother, I admire you when you buy an American computer, an American iPhone, an American car, and pay thousands of dollars, and then you come and say steal programs because they are for warriors.

  • Some say software theft does not cause harm to companies. On the contrary, it is beneficial and healthy for the spread of programs.

In fact, I do not know how some people arrange the arguments in such a strange way to show that what they are doing is the right thing and ignore all the points above. Brother, did you read what was written at the top of the article? Yes, above .. Read again, please .. You ignored the words of programmers who say that this harms us, ignored that it is forbidden by law, and ignored that using crack harms us as honest users and keeps programmers away from development. And here you stand Farah and want to convince us that theft is something that benefits companies and is very healthy, and not only that, but you want us to steal like you. No, dear brother, please, even you could not stay away from pirated programs .. Please, please do not speak out about your disobedience, nor do you publish it or encourage it. On the contrary, say that he is afflicted with this thing and, God willing, quit it soon. Start and think before downloading any pirated program. I know that you will live without these programs and may live better.

I am impressed by what happens in our Arab society, especially those that are based on stolen programs, and an Arab forum is not devoid of these programs, unfortunately, regardless of its field.I bear witness that you are creative""Well done, may God reward you on our behalf""Thank you""You are the champion of Hammam, theorizing more creativity""You deserve confirmation .. You deserve the supplication .. May God reward you with all the best""A fact previously pressed”And other comments that indicate the ignorance of our Arab community of the rights of others, and sometimes, and often, this program itself destroys your phone and does not work well, but before someone is certain of the matter, you find them very quickly to respond and pray for the thief. As if he is the program programmer and not a thief.

The disaster, if it is an Arab or Islamic program, the disaster will be greater. Whoever wants to read the Qur’an from a stolen program. And I read it myself when someone stole the Pro Quran program for the iPhone and published it in one of the Arab forums, and this time he did not hear a word of thanks, as if the world despised his action and responded to them and said.I don’t think anyone should sell the Qur’an and that’s why it was pirated“. One of them answered him, may God reward him well and simply said to him:So why don't we steal the Qur’ans from the libraries?“. And we didn't hear this person anymore.

Therefore, I wish everyone at least not to encourage the theft of programs and say the word truth. I recommend the favor. He warned of this danger. Perhaps a day will come when we find Arab companies compete with foreign companies, and there may come a day when a Muslim encourages his brother to innovate instead of stealing it. And he says to the programmer and to the company, may God reward you well and say to the thief, we do not want your stolen goods.

Here are some Sharia fatwas about Karak from senior scholars, with which I end my conversation, and there is more, but there is no room for it.

the question
Is it permissible to use crack ?? There are expensive programs that we cannot buy, so we use crack, and we also have most of the software vendors who use crack from them, meaning they sell the program and crack with it. Is it permissible to buy from them ?? Is it permissible to copy programs for use because they are so expensive ?? Is it permissible to buy it if it is copied ?? And if the use of crack and copying is theft, then is it a major sin ?? We need to use these programs, so advise us, may God bless you, and may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.
Praise be to God alone, and blessings and peace be upon the one after whom there is no prophet, and upon his family and companions as a whole.
It is not permissible for a Muslim to follow such twisted paths that violate people's rights, as it is no secret for everyone with insight that these programs have spent money in preparing them and devoted efforts and times to them, so if every person is allowed to copy and sell them. This led to the loss of rights and the spread of chaos in the world of people, and the Almighty said: {Oh those who believe, do not consume your money among you unlawfully, unless it is a trade with your mutual consent. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: {Whoever deceives is not one of us. Doing this business, and not purchasing software from someone who cheats. For the general meaning of the Almighty’s saying:  [Do not cooperate in sin and transgression], then the need for it does not justify theft. Otherwise, every needy person would be permitted to steal what his need calls for. Especially if we know that this need is not the status of a necessity that will result in danger to a person's life, and God Almighty knows best. (the source)

In the end, I know that those with passion will not like this conversation, and comments will flow to people who say arguments not mentioned above and most of them. Therefore, every comment that was not logical or came new and followed the style of high-end dialogue will be deleted. Of course, the insulting comments, accusing us of deviating from Islam, and other comments that we are used to will be deleted. Their only goal this time will be to prove that stealing programs is a good thing so that everyone steals like them.

I urge my brothers to publish this article in Arab forums, blogs, websites and mail, even without mentioning the source. If we do not benefit from it, we may benefit from it others.

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