The Communications Regulatory Authority in Egypt approves citizens' use of (GPSOfficially and legally, and because of this happy occasion, in Egypt, you can activate GPS on your iPhone 3G now.

We had spoken about before GPS technology and Egypt The reason for the article was that Apple removed the GPS feature from iPhone 3G phones in Egypt by disabling this feature in the phone's software itself and not its components, starting with the firmware 2.1, due to the Egyptian law issued in 2003 that prohibits the entry of devices with GPS technology. ) In any field. This, of course, has led to depriving a large number of Egypt’s users of this technology, or at least restricting them and alienating some foreign companies from investing in Egypt, especially after the spread of this technology and its entry into all magazines.

This is the news, quoted from Masrawy
The Board of Directors of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, in its meeting chaired by Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, approved several decisions regarding the use of GPS devices in Egypt, in the framework of encouraging investment and improving telecommunications services for citizens.

Dr. Amr Badawi, CEO of the agency said, "These decisions include allowing the entry of cars equipped with GPS systems and ground navigation software that direct motorists to the places they wish to go to through the screens available in their equipped cars, as the National Communications Regulatory Authority notified the Customs Authority of this for implementation." Prompt. "

He added that the new rules provide for permitting the import of GPS devices in mobile phones, computers and others, including some civil applications, provided that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority conducts type approval procedures for these devices in accordance with its own procedures, and the Customs Authority has already been notified of this.

A crisis erupted in 2008 between Cairo and Nokia, due to the government's insistence on not allowing the entry of mobile devices, powered by GPS technology, to the Egyptian market.

Free GPS
Based on this decision, the use of GPS has become legal and legal in Egypt .. Therefore, we would like to make all our Egyptian brothers happy to activate this feature on their phones now, and we hope that Apple will lift the ban in the new firmware.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click the "Search" button, then search for (iPhoneIslam)
  3. Click on the search result in the list (iPhone Islam's Source)
  4. At the top on the left press the (Install) button, then click the (Confirm) button
  5. The program will install Source iPhone Islam (, then press the (Return to Cydia) button
  6. Once again press the (Search) button, then search for (Egypt)
  7. You will find a list of GPS in Egypt (2.0.x) on it
  8. At the top on the left press the (Install) button, then click the (Confirm) button
  9. Get out of Cydia and enjoy the GPS on your phone

This branding allows you to use GPS in Egypt, so do not install it unless your phone works on an Egyptian network and iPhone 3G, since the iPhone 2G does not have a GPS unit

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