In this explanation, we will learn, God willing, how to create a free account in the United States of America store to download free programs, as there are some important and beautiful programs that, unfortunately, are only available there, including Yahoo messenger and Google Earth

1- Open the iTunes and make sure you are in the USA store (you can change the country from the bottom).
2- Select the software store (you will find this image on the left from the top).

3- Click on one of the free programs, let it be Skype, then click the download button.
4- A message will appear for you, choose Create a new account, a new screen will appear, press continue.
5- Accept the agreement, then click Continue.
6- Enter your email, password, and the rest of the data, then click Continue.
7- Select None in the payment method and fill in the information below, as follows:
Name: Type your name
ِ Address: Building No. 1
City: Salt lake city
State: Ut
Zip code: 84115
Phone: 966-1234567
 Then click Continue
8- A message will be sent to your e-mail to complete the account activation process. Enjoy the free programs and buy non-free programs. You can do this by filling the account with Itunes Gift Cards.
9- To top up the card, log in to your account from Itunes and choose View my Account.
10- Choose Edit Payment information.
11- Then choose
12- Enter the card number, then Redeem.

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