Over two years and since First article written On the iPhone Islam site, when the number of followers of the site was only 3, I am one of them. The site tried to exploit the modern technology represented by the iPhone phone, a professional and useful exploitation. At the same time, the site tried to deliver a message to the world, which is that a Muslim who is committed to his religion is not ignorant of his body, but on the contrary, it is Is open to what helps him in his religion and world. Through the name of the site, we tried to have a footprint in the religious programs, in the Arabization of the phone, in introducing it, how to deal with it, giving advice, and with all this We advise That we do not go beyond the reasonable limits and do not over-exploit technology until it becomes all of our preoccupation.

And thanks to God alone, then the encouragement and participation of all followers and lovers of infringement of visitors to the site in a month A quarter of a million visitors There are thousands of those who follow us daily and there are hundreds of those who read the comments and help their brothers, even with a word.

Now, after this march, the iPhone Islam site was nominated, thanks to God, to win the Hadeel International Prize. In fact, the award is of great interest to us from a moral point of view.

Therefore, we ask every fan of the site to vote for us by clicking on this link (Hadeel International Prize)

After visiting the Hadeel Award website, put your correct e-mail, then go to the specialized blogging branch

You will find the site (iPhone Islam) in the middle of the list. Put a tick next to the name of the site.

Then I press a button Next step =>

A mail will be sent to you to confirm the vote. Click on the link in the mail,

Voting will end on the 31st of this month, and twenty sites will move to the final stage, and judges will choose who deserves to win.

Your invitations to us.

Some may ask who "Hadeel" is and what is this award .. Please readers About Hadeel..

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