We tried to release the program a long time ago, but there were some problems that some of you know with Apple, whether the name iPhone Islam is in the software store that Apple requested to change, so we changed it to i4islam Also, the very long time that Apple takes in accepting programs is not rejecting the program and then reviewing it again. But, thank God, the Islamic Calendar Pro program succeeded in reaching the software store a month after Apple examined it. Praise be to God, and we ask God that it be good for us and all Muslims.

 We think everyone knows the program Islamic Calendar Our second program in the software store. This program, thank God, is one of our most downloaded programs, even more than one iAzkar And everyone uses it, whether in knowing the times of Islamic occasions in the Gregorian dates or even in converting the dates from Hijri to my Gregorian or from my birth to the Hijri. Program article To know more about it.

Today we offer you the upgraded version of this wonderful program, in this development many features have been added that will make you replace the regular version with the developer immediately.

The first feature is ...
When you open the program, you will immediately see a desk clock that contains the time, Gregorian date, Hijri date and any day of the week, this is not the current moon shape. This feature is required by many users who use their phone or iPod Touch on a stand in the office and want to see the timing with the Hijri and Gregorian date, and also many ask to see the Hijri date when opening the program immediately instead of opening the menu and going to the conversion screen from AD to Hijri.

The second advantage ..
Set the Hijri date to match your country by adding or decreasing days. Of course, as most of us know, the Hijri date is not uniform in all countries, and therefore there had to be a feature like that in order for the Hijri date in the program to correspond to the Hijri date adopted in your country.

The third feature ... (Horrible)
This feature is one of the best features in the upgraded version, now you can set Islamic events with their Gregorian dates in the calendar program on your device. If you, like me, who organize their appointments using the phone calendar program that comes with the device because it is the most compatible with your device and with the iTunes program, you will be very happy when Islamic events are included in your schedule and you will be aware of the dates of Islamic events on the Gregorian date without even opening the Islamic program Calendar, and you can also easily list all Islamic events and discover if there is any conflict with your appointments or your agenda.

The fourth feature ...
Fully support the Arabic language in the program. Now if the interface of your phone is in Arabic, you will see the program completely Arabic, and if it is English, you will see the program in full, but you must know that we use Arabic numbers 1 2 3 and not Indian numbers XNUMX XNUMX as possible, and for more information about Arabic numbers and the difference between numbers Arabic and Hindi see The wiki article.

Fifth feature ...
Better graphics and better movement of graphics such as clouds and stars in the sky. This is a new color that distinguishes the upgraded version, which is purple, and as you know iPhone Islam is concerned with design and details because we believe that Arab programs should not be less efficient than foreign programs, and this is because we are a front for our civilization. Thank you. For Ayman, the program's graphic designer is always creative.

This time the program is not free, but its price is symbolic, so as you know, this is our first program in the software store that is not free .. And there are several reasons to make it so, the most important of which is that we want to develop it more, there are many ideas that will make the program very wonderful and more useful for all users and therefore it will be done Allocating time and effort to follow up and develop the program.

The price of the program is now $ 0.99, and after several days it will be $ 1.99, so if you have an intention To purchase the program We recommend buying it on sale days, unless you want to pay us more :)

Download the program from here

Since the program is ours, it is definitely there Free copies We did not sell to the site and this time the free copies will be many ..

  • Three copies as a gift to our most followers on the site and the most helpful to their brothers.
    • Amiga, iAlone and DrUAE (We thank all the followers of the site, especially those who do not skimp on their brothers to help)
  • Five free copies for the first five Get pinned On the article.
  • Five free copies for random subscribers IPhone channel on YouTube.
  • Five free copies for anyone who does Twitter For the program, the number of followers should be more than 20
  • Five free copies for random subscribers on our website FB.


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