Although this program was produced as a challenge to create a complete program and upload it to the software store for a few hours, and although its quality is not as good as the rest IPhone programs Islam. However, it is considered one of the most downloaded and popular programs in the Arab world, and it is the first in its category in most software stores in the Arab countries.

Because of this turnout and because the program is really useful and wonderful in waiting times, especially if you are waiting for the bus in (our country), you will not find it enjoyable to benefit at this time with light and fast information or truth, and this is why the program has been developed to be much better than the first version and with better capabilities.

what's new?

  • Great and useful upgrade version
  • Completely redesign
  • Add a lot of new information
  • The feature of sending information by e-mail
  • The feature of sending information by text messages
  • Fully compatible with firmware 3 and above

As you know, did you know a free program and working on it voluntarily and renting someone who works in it for his intention, but we would like to thank my brother Moaz Al-Funtoukh for sending us a lot of information and he modified the information file himself and I thank my brother Ayman who donated this wonderful design and in the end did you know that cooperation is beneficial Your brothers is a wonderful thing?

Download the program for free from here

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