Thank God, today the new version of the comprehensive information game is available to everyone, and you can upgrade to this version immediately and enjoy the new features for free.

Maybe some people got bored with the game, and this is normal even with the largest games, especially in your knowledge, after you played hundreds of roles, memorized all the questions and got all the medals, the challenge is no longer enough for you, but I admit, I learned a lot and was also entertained. The new version refreshes your love for this game and gives you new ways to play and new questions to increase your knowledge even more. And if you are really a professional and we want to see what you will do with the new professional gameplay and speed quiz, can you answer each question in just 15 seconds? Can you put your name in the list of the best speed competition? In fact, we doubt that 15 seconds on purpose, a little time, especially in difficult questions. This system is not for your information game enthusiasts or knowledge enthusiasts. If you are a beginner please do not try even pressing the speed competition button. Do exercise first in the traditional competition or even challenge your friends through Tahadi competition Friend.

In a friend’s challenge competition, the screen is divided into two halves, and whoever must be faster wins twenty points, and if you answer a mistake, you lose twenty points, but what if you answer at the same time ?, Do not worry, the game supports multi-touch and each of you will count his points, and even one of you’s mistakes will show the correct answer To the question, and in this way, a statement is also in play, especially since the questions are random and may be difficult at times. The challenge role consists of 25 questions, and in the end whoever gets the most points wins.

New features

  • More than 50% of the game is redesigned to be more interesting
  • Three new ways to play, not one
    • A traditional contest with five tools, including the new way to search the Internet
    • Speed ​​competition must be answered before the time is too late and without the use of aids
    • A friend challenge competition in which the device screen is split into two halves for each contestant, and the competition consists of 25 questions
  • Displaying the list of the best now has become more sophisticated, and you can display the list of the best for your device only, or even the list of the best in your country
  • Corrected some errors in the questions database
  • Adding new questions at all levels, now more than a thousand questions (We thank Muhannad Al-Melhem and Al-Ghamry Saad)
  • Corrected some bugs in the game and is now much faster and better than before
  • New graphics and new sound effects make the game more fun

* A story of a user of the game *
Yesterday I spent a tremendous amount of time flying with these questions and I am completely focused and afraid that the phrase “wrong answer” will appear, and as soon as it appears, my facial features fluctuate in anger .. Either the question was answered by one of my relatives and I made a mistake ... or I made a mistake and I know the answer .. Truly. It causes addiction .. I am not of the type who relates to games or is addicted to it .. Rather I see in games a pointlessness behind it .. This is the only game that I have become addicted to .. terribly .. The problem is that it is in my sister’s phone .. and it is Do not allow me to take it all the time .. I wished to have one like him so that I could play with it all the time .. Do you want to know what it is ?! It is .. it is .. it is (your information). You see the warning .. I only knew it after I got addicted, but praise be to God, I am addicted to an informational game .. interesting .. and very wonderful .. In fact .. I advise everyone who owns the device "iPhone" By purchasing it ... your money will not be wasted.
What saddens me .. is that my sister put a secret code on her phone .. and I cannot play now .. Greetings:[Pencil] game addict

The program is available on the software store at a price of $ 4.99

Tell us about your progress in the game, what you think about the new version, and what do you want next?

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