Definition of jailbreak: Apple has shut down the phone's operating system so that it does not put external programs on it and you always have to download programs from Software store, And when you jailbreak you open the operating system to receive other programs that are not in the software store and download them through a program called Cydia. And if you use the jailbreak on your device, you may lose the Apple warranty. But in the end, this is your device. You can break it if you want, or throw it into the sea, or disassemble it in pieces and give it to your children so that they know the internal parts of it. You can also delete the operating system completely and set Android On him if I can. This is your phone, and if you do not trade in what you did with it, you are free and do whatever you want.

Our site is not against jailbreaking and it is not with it in everything, so if you use the jailbreak to break programs and download crack, then you do not pay programmers the price of their request in their programs and circumvent them to use their programs for free and this Something we do not accept and harm us allIf you use the jailbreak to download the free Cydia program, and then use other free programs such as a program like Winterboard To change phone themes or a program like SIManger To free up callers on the SIM card or a program ProSwitcher To multitask in the phone, or even buy programs through Cydia, such as a program OverBoard To navigate between the pages of the device easily and other really useful programs, it is only available through Cydia because Apple prohibits control programs in the device for security and other marketing reasons, you are free and we do not blame you, but we must also alert you to the problems of the jailbreak before you get excited about it.

There are several problems with jailbreaking and unlocking closed devices on one network ...

1- If you do a jailbreak, you open your phone to external programs, but at the same time you open it for hacking, so your phone is more vulnerable to penetration, because you removed the protection that Apple put on your device by doing the jailbreak. And I am talking about remote hacking, meaning that the hacker will use your phone's IP number to access your personal information or modify your phone. Check this out Subject.

2- If you open the closed phone to a network so that it works on all networks, you will face several problems, the most important of which are ...
* Certainly, you will lose the Push Notification feature, which means that programs such as Ping or WhatsApp and iPray are useless for the call to prayer at the time of prayer and the program is closed
* The possibility of losing the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi network
* The possibility that you will not be able to run the YouTube program
* The possibility that the GPS and positioning will not work

3- Because of downloading programs that have not been reviewed by Apple and there is no censorship on them, you may expose your privacy to a violation, and you can simply deceive a program and this program violates your privacy in any way: to know your location or enter the folder of pictures or even use your callers' numbers and their mail .

4Also, because the programs in Cydia use functions that are not allowed by Apple, and the programmer may use them incorrectly, and this may lead to a large consumption of the phone's memory, which exposes the phone to instability and collapse, and you have to restart it more than once.

5- Installing programs running in the background such as SBSettings, ProSwitcher and Winterboard will increase the consumption of the phone battery and memory and this will lead to the battery dying out faster than expected

6- If your phone uses the new BootLoader and you jail it, you will need to jailbreak it every time you turn on the device and this is very annoying. If you want to know if your phone is of this type or not, Check out this article.

In the end, after all these problems, jailbreaking is a double-edged sword. If you are a professional, the jailbreak will not pose any problem for you and you will be able to overcome most of these problems. As for if you are Beginning Hear advice from me and avoid jailbreaking until you get used to your phone and understand everything about it, and you can easily solve its problems on your own.
Never mind, beware of devices Locked onto a single network Especially if you intend to use it on another network that is not locked on it, the jailbreak problems are not comparable to the problems of opening the network and the possibility of losing your phone as a phone. If you upgrade the wrong way is a very bad thing, and you may wait months for your problems to be solved.

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