In the world of politics and history - the Middle East region - is the most famous, and undoubtedly, Palestine is the heart of events for this distinctive region, and I am almost certain that most of the world's population knows about this region and its problems, but of course there is a lot of this much that they do not know some facts About this country ..
Palestine is the land of the heavenly messages, the country of the prophets, and the divine path between the earth and the sky from which the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, ascended to Sidra al-Munta ...

God did not mention the land of Palestine in the Holy Qur’an except for the term blessing attached to it.
«The people who were bequeathed Astdafon all over the world, which has blessed us and where thy Lord Most Beautiful on the children of Israel, including patient and destroyed what was made Pharaoh and his people ...» Surat Al-A'raf
Glory be to the one who imprisoned his servant at night from the Haram Mosque to the far mosque around which He blessed us Al-Isra
“We delivered him and Lot to the land in which he blessed us for the worlds.”  Al-Anbiya
And Solomon has a stormy wind that brings his matter to the land in which he blessed us And we were in all things knowledgeable. Al-Anbiya
“We have made apparent villages between them and among the villages in which we have blessed us, and we have decided to walk in them. Surat Saba

I think we should know this country more and more ... we know its geography, history, pain, hopes and aspirations ...

The program is divided into XNUMX sections as follows:
XNUMX. Palestinian heritage: It contains Palestinian architecture, Palestinian clothing, Palestinian cuisine, Palestinian folk songs, folk proverbs and folk tales.
XNUMX. PalestineIt includes the Palestinian parties, the Declaration of Independence document, prominent personalities, the right of return and the Palestinian calendar of important events in the history of the Palestinian people.
XNUMX. Palestinian cities
XNUMX. Do you know
XNUMX. Websites
XNUMX. About the program

The program works in both Arabic and English according to the main language of the device.

In each of the sections there are more details and the ability to copy or email existing information.

The program is not only for men, there are sections that know Palestinian cuisine, and there are information and pictures about everything related to Palestine.

The program, in most of its sections, does not need the Internet, except for reviewing pictures of cities, because the size and number of pictures
It was better to put it on the Internet so that the size of the program is somewhat less, but the ability to save images is present.

The price of the program is $ 1.99 in the software store

(Although I do encourage the purchase of software in support of the developer And enrich the Arabic content as a whole), there are five copies of a gift provided by the developer of the program brother and friend Ibrahim Palestine, this time there are five questions. The first who answers a question correctly will win a copy as a gift.

1- When was Sheikh Ahmed Yassin born?
2- What is the land most vulnerable to invasions in the history of mankind?
3- In which cities is the White Mountain located?
4- Complete the parable, nothing will plow the land other than….
5- Who is Ahmad Al-Shugairi?

There are some conditions
* If you answer more than one question, your comment will be deleted.
* If you answered, even if it was correct, and one of them answered before you the same question, the gift will go to him.
* Comments do not appear immediately, so you may think that this question has not been answered and be a mistake and lose the gift.
* You must have an account in the store of America in order to get the free version, How to activate the codes here.


We apologize, expired copying giftWe thank everyone who answered correctly, or even wrongly. The purpose is nothing but to educate and introduce the program. We thank the Arab developers and urge them to do the best.

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