When the iPad was first announced on January 27th, the iPad did not have an Arabic keyboard or interface, but the Arabic reading support in it works perfectly like the iPhone. The reason why Apple does not include the Arabic language and several other languages ​​is only marketing. Because of the intensity of the demand for the iPad and the inability of Apple to provide the appropriate quantities to all markets, several languages ​​have been removed from the device system for fear of the iPad being withdrawn in markets where the device has not been officially launched.

In this period until now, many of us have asked for an Arabic keyboard for the iPad, so that the pleasure of working on it is complete and the Arab user can produce more on his device, use mail and browse the Internet smoothly as he does on the iPhone and other devices, and our position was rejection because we know that Apple will soon By launching a new version of the iOS operating system, the fourth version of the iPad, and we think that this version will contain the Arabic keyboard in addition to other updates distinctive in the fourth version, such as multitasking, folders ... etc. We didn't want to waste our time doing something (we thought) it would sooner be done by Apple.

But days passed and Apple did not update and no Arab company or individual made an Arabic keyboard for the iPad that has spread in the Arab world greatly and we used to rely on Arabic keyboards found in the software store or other solutions to write Arabic, but with frequent use, all these solutions have been proven. Its big failure, it is unreasonable whenever I want to write an Arabic word, go and open the Arabic keyboard program and type in it, then copy the words and go to another program and paste what I wanted, and if I made a mistake, I must repeat what I did previously. So using the Arabic language on the iPad became painful and useless, and everyone who owns an iPad knows that.

Therefore, we decided to create an Arabic keyboard for the iPad, and the main goal is to fill this void that no one has filled, so it was our duty to fill this void even though we had hoped that any other Arab team would do that, but we left enough time and we did not find a solution from Apple or any On the other hand.

Arbtaller iPad critique to you

The Arabtaller iPad keyboard works like the iPhone keyboard in any program, in all programs and the system itself, and even in iPhone programs on the iPad, the Arabic keyboard can be used. Thanks to God alone, and then because we have sufficient experience in Arabizing Apple devices, we can say that there are no known problems in this version and you will never feel that it is not part of the iPad system.

Who can buy

  • Who owns any iPad and misses the Arabic writing on it
  • Who can not be patient until Apple issues firmware 4
  • Who does not trust Apple and thinks that Apple will not support Arabic in the next firmware
  • Who has Cydia installed on his device
  • Who does not fear the jailbreak and its damages

Who does not have to buy

  • Who does not use Arabic on the iPad
  • Who would think that Apple very soon will issue localization for the device?
  • Who does not have Cydia on their device and cannot install it
  • Who does not have the experience to jailbreak
  • Who would think that the price of an Arabic keyboard ($ 9.99) is too much
  • Whoever finds tightness in his chest from the Arabs, Arab developers, etc.

How to install the Arabic keyboard on iPad Arabtaller iPad

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click the (Manage) button, then select (Sources)
  3. On the top on the right, press the (Edit) button, then press the (ِ ADD) button on the left
  4. Enter the source iPhone Islam - http://apps.iphoneislam.com
  5. Click the (Add Source) button.
  6. After adding the source press the (Done) button on the right
  7. Now you will find iPhoneIslam in the list, click on it
  8. You will find Arabtaller iPad click on it
  9. At the top on the left press the (Install) button, then click the (Confirm) button
  10. Now click the (ReSpring) button.
  11. Go to the device settings to add the Arabic keyboard
  12. Click the Settings icon, then General, Keyboards, and International Keyboards
  13. Click on (Add New Keyboard) and add the Arabic keyboard

important information

  • We still hate jailbreaking, but it is the only solution now to support Arabic writing on the iPad naturally
  • Arabthaler iPad does not contain interface localization, only an Arabic keyboard
  • Do not install Arabthaler iPad until after purchasing it

Remember very well: Apple is the one who must fully Arabize the device, and this is a duty for it after we paid all this amount in its devices, and this solution is on our part only for those who do not want to wait and think that he will perform his tasks better and this will return to him in saving his time and achievement in his work, in the end this Devices to save us time and help us in our daily tasks, and we must make use of them to the maximum degree, and if only for playing, it is preferable not to buy them, there are better devices for that.

Price: 9.99$
  Your copy is activated immediately after completing the payment

If you are facing any problem, please send us the purchase order number on the website mail

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