By the grace of God alone, we have returned to you with a new program from the development of iPhone Islam. Our new program was supposed to have Islamic cards available before Ramadan, but we decided to completely redesign the program to work on old iPhones and iPhone 4 devices with the same efficiency, and we decided to give the Arab user the same experience available to users around the world with the same quality, whether in design or In development, we paid attention to all details so that we would not be less than the largest foreign development company. Unfortunately, Arab software development companies, only a few, returned the user to a bad taste and deluded him that this is the case for Arab programs. If they work efficiently, their design is bad, and if they are well designed, they are useless. In iPhone Islam, we decided to change this reality in our Arab world and force companies that are negligent in producing good programs to upgrade their taste. The user will only be satisfied with the high quality of programs and he does not accept to be less than others.

We offer you an Islamic cards program ...

* With the Islamic cards program, congratulating on special occasions and holidays has become a pleasure, all you have to do is choose a card from 160 cards designed with care and taste to suit any private or public occasion, and you can also add a signature or a word of your own to any card to add a distinct personality to you, then send the card in Seconds via mail, Facebook, Twitter, or even media messages, and you can also copy them into the pictures folder for you to use in any way you like.

* The benefit of the program goes beyond congratulations on occasions, holidays and ties of kinship, so you can also preach a friend and send an honorable hadith to him, and you can console another with a verse or pray for him for good, or even make your friends feel the blessings of God on them by sending a prayer of thanks to God. Also, tell your friends that they are your brothers in God and many others. There are no limits at all to the uses of the Islamic cards program.

* With an Islamic cards program, you no longer need to use the cards that are widespread on the Internet, which are usually preserved in their shape by everyone you send to him, and most of the time he will ignore your message and the recipient will not feel interested from you. Islamic cards carries a huge number of distinctive cards that are specially designed with high quality for you. Also, there are options to create your own card and put phrases that are appropriate for you on it.

An Islamic cards program designed to take advantage of the latest Apple technology and also works on iPhone 4 screens in high quality and purity and also uses the features of the latest operating system in your device.

The cards have been divided into categories so that you can easily find a suitable card, and these categories are divided into ...

  1. In love with the Messenger
  2. Quotes by the Prophet
  3. Supplications
  4. Doaa good
  5. A prayer of thanks
  6. Brothers in God
  7. Arabic poems
  8. Treasures of words
  9. Sermons and judgment
  10. Ramadan
  11. Eid Al Fitr
  12. Eid al-Adha
  13. blessed marriage
  14. New Baby
  15. Cards
  16. iPhoneIslam

-Program Advantages-

  • Distinctive and easy-to-use interface
  • Contains 160 various cards
  • It does not need an Internet connection
  • The high quality cards are specially designed for the program
  • The cards are divided into 16 categories to make it easy to find any card
  • Text and shapes can be added to any card and edited
  • The ability to enlarge and reduce the text and change its color
  • Choose between 26 shapes as a background for the text and control its transparency and size
  • Designed to take advantage of the iPhone 4's screen with its double resolution
  • Send the card via mail, Facebook, Twitter or media messages
  • The ability to save the card in the pictures folder or copy it to the device's memory


Buy the software at $ 3.99 for a limited time

(Take advantage of the available price now, the program will be updated soon, God willing, to include many other features)


Do not forget to evaluate the program in the software store

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