Today, update No. 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch was released, which contains several important features and fixes, and is the first basic update to the 4.0 system since its launch months ago, and we had talked about this update and its effect on the iPhone XNUMXG HereWe also talked about the features of this update Here In our coverage of the Apple Music event in which it was announced.

Today, we will provide you with a complete guide for updating to this version, so that it is considered a basic reference for you and a help in making the steps of the update process succeed to its end.

Contents of the guide:

  • The most important features of update number 4.1
  • Devices to which this update applies
  • Essential notes before updating
  • Basic steps before updating
  • The difference between Update and Restore
  • auto update
  • Manual update

- The most important features of Update No. 4.1
This update contains several important additions to the iPhone system, in addition to some fixes, which are summarized as follows:

1- Supporting the process of downloading HD video over the network.

2 - Support for capturing photos from the camera with HDR technology, enhanced lighting (supported on iPhone 4 only).

3- Rent TV episodes via iPhone and watch them directly

4- Adding the AVRCP feature in Bluetooth to support the process of controlling the car's components, such as audio and audio control.

5 - The full version of Game Center where you can share your friends' gameplay and scores.

6- Fix the problem of the sensor or the Proximity sensor that may lead to sudden calls.

7- Fix the bluetooth sound problem.

8- Add the Ping social network feature for iPhone.

9- Solving some security problems and other errors.

10- Improve the speed and performance of the iPhone 3G


Devices that the update applies to:
This update applies to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 3G (but the latter will not take some features such as multitasking). This update also applies to the second-generation iPod touch and beyond. This update is not applicable to the iPhone 2G, the iPod touch first generation, and the iPad (the latter will be applied to the update No. 4.2, which will be issued after two months).


Essential notes before updating:

Before you make a decision Update You must take the following points into account that may prompt you to postpone this update, namely:

  • Waiting for several days to see the effect of this update on whoever did it and make sure of the problems and side effects of it, and this is an optional step.
  • If your device is locked on a specific network and you used jailbreak and a program to unlock this lock, do not update at all before issuing a new jailbreak and a new unlocking program, as this update will not lock your device.
  • If you are using jailbreak and do not want to lose it and lose its features and applications, do not update before the release of a new jailbreak, as you will lose access to those applications that you downloaded from the Cydia store and any other features and settings related to this jailbreak.


Basic steps before updating:

Before you connect the iPhone to your computer and download and install the update, you must take the following steps:

1- Update iTunes on your computer to the latest version, which is version 10, and you can do so as follows:

For Mac owners: From Apple's main menu - Software Update Apple menu> Software Update
For Windows device owners: From the iTunes Help menu - Software Update Help> Software Update
You can also download the latest iTunes version manually from the Apple website and install it from Here

2- Update all iPhone applications: to ensure that they are compatible with version 4.0 by visiting the App Store application on the iPhone, where the Badge icon will appear on its icon with the number of non-updated applications, then launch it and go to the “Updates” or “Updates” tab. And pressing the "Update All" button or update all applications.

(Note: Some applications may not function properly because they have not been updated to be compatible with the latest version.)

3- Backup: The upgrade process to a new system or update on the iPhone naturally causes the data to be wiped on the iPhone or iPod touch completely, so the data must be backed up and this process is done automatically every time a synchronization process takes place between the iPhone IPhone and the device when linked so that it is saved to the device, but you can be more sure and reassured by making a backup process through iTunes through the Back Up button (from the left menu click on the iPhone image with the ctrl button and select Back Up) and then you can restore this. Copy after that by using the Restore button from iTunes as well.

4- Copying the properties and notes: Through this optional step, you can save some of the features of your iPhone and the existing settings application by taking screenshots of the screen shot, keep it and return to it when necessary (a screen shot of the screen can be taken by pressing the home button with the power button at the same time ).

You can also if the Notepad app or notes contain important texts for you to send them via email to make sure they are never lost (although they are usually saved through sync).

The difference between the Restore and Update:

Before we start the update, we must give an overview of the difference between the Restore and Update processes and their actual effect on the iPhone.

When you connect the iPhone to the computer, iTunes will work automatically and it will synchronize and then provide a new update from Apple, and the iPhone is working on an old update, you will see a message asking you to update and upon approval, the new update will be downloaded to your device and then the iPhone update process will take place.

The previous process is called Update

As for Restore, use it with a manual update, as we will see shortly - or to restore a previous backup you made on iTunes.

- auto update:

After making sure that you have done the previous steps, you can start the automatic update process by connecting the iPhone device to the computer and launching iTunes, so that the following message appears:

You can download the update to your device only through Download Only (the size of the update is about 589 MB) or choose Download and Update to download and then update after that.

The download and update process will take some time, and then you will need to re-activate the iPhone online over the network.

After the update is completed, browse the iPhone and go to the features and make sure that they are set correctly, specifically the properties of e-mail accounts and calendars, by applying the settings - email, contacts, calendars Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars And make sure that all of your accounts are there.


Manual update:

You can do a manual update by downloading the update file through the following links, depending on the type of your device, as shown:

iPhone 4

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G

iPod 4G

iPod 3G

iPod 2G

 After that and after the download is completed, connect your device to the computer, then go to iTunes and press the Restore button with the Options button on the Mac or the Restore button with the Shift for Windows and the keyboard. (Make sure that the file extension is IPSW, and if not, just change the extension manually to IPSW) A window will appear for you to choose the downloaded file and then start the update process for the iPhone.

After the modernization:

Applying the previous steps will ensure the success of the update, God willing, and it should be noted that the first synchronization process between the iPhone and the device between the end of the update process will take an estimated time of a quarter of an hour or more, as the data stored in your device will be transferred to the iPhone, and upon its completion you will notice that even the safari pages are in The previously opened iPhone before the update remains the same, as well as the data and other features. Then it can be said that the update process was successful.


Note: The current jailbreak is not suitable for this version, and we do not know when the new jailbreak will be released and when it is issued, we will announce it on the site.

It is your responsibility to update the device and any misuse of the information mentioned in the article may lead to the loss of your information on the device

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