Many contact us to request technical support for their devices from the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other things, thinking that iPhoneIslam He represents Apple, or has a direct or indirect relationship with Apple, or has an interest or suspicion that we are selling Apple products.

Note that we always explain at the end of the website pages that " IPhone Islam is neither affiliated nor represented by Apple. IPhone, Apple and any other product name, service names or logos referenced herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Computer.

Islam's role is only to raise awareness, spread knowledge, and make you benefit from your device to the fullest extent. Therefore, we found it our duty to introduce you to how to request technical support from Apple? Simply go to the Apple website, where they have dedicated a special page for technical support on this link It allows you, through structured instructions, to choose the product that is related to the problem you are facing, whether it is related to Mac and its programs, iPhone, iPod or iPad, or even iTunes and other products.

Then, through a next step, you specify the sub-product for this main product (such as the iPod nano, for example, if you choose the iPod initially) or you specify the classification of the problem if there is no sub-product (such as the device and its accessories, for example, or communication and e-mail or any issues related to iTunes and its store. On the iPhone, if you chose it at the beginning).

You will notice that some of the problem classifications options will require you to enter the serial number or serial number of your device, whether it is iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You can easily get this serial number from your device: Settings -> General -> About. To find in one of the items a box titled the serial number.

The second main step in requesting technical support is to explain the problem, and you do not need to write anything, just choose one of the special options that relate to your problem, as summaries of some articles and solutions related to that problem will appear for you with their links.

Or, you can search in an interactive way to find what is related to your problem, as various links will lead you to many sources on the Apple website.

You can then tell the site that your problem has actually been solved or not, to follow up to the last step, which is writing and explaining the problem to Apple with some details (such as the OS version, iTunes copy, etc.) and send it via the mail form and then receive the response 48 hours.

So, through this distinctive service called Express Lane, Apple seeks to better communicate with its customers and customers and provide solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, the service does not support the Arabic language, but with Translation sites You may be able to communicate in English.

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