The traditional Arab media is still represented by newspapers, television and other old, familiar media wandering right and left in the face of the brilliance of the new media, the speed of its transmission of news, its accurate analysis of information and its proximity to news sources and its industry more than this first, which has become a great misleading of the public by its reliance on inefficient editors or its saturation with theory The conspiracy is so intoxicating with regard to this world around us to see false news and reports and do not contribute to the revival of our countries and peoples in any way.

We will not talk in areas far from us. Rather, we will talk about technology and the iPhone, where we are specialized, precisely, since about a month ago, Al-Jazeera TV, through its weekly scientific program: "Close Up", presented a report on the iPhone entitled "Spying on its users" for years! Where this completely false reports did not come out with any function of the iPhone, except that it spied on its users and photographed them visually for years.

You can see the wrong report in the video Here, Which represents another new fall for this large channel in the technical and scientific field and it was not the first, if the same channel presented on its website Al-Jazeera Net a report on the negatives of the iPhone, it is also full of errors and forged information months ago and is not attributed to its original source! And before that, Al-Jazeera did not improve the presentation of the summary of the discovery of the ancient "Ardi" man and its relationship to the theory of evolution, and it made major scientific errors through a similar television report.

Let us (whether you see this report or not) to conclude what is wrong information about the iPhone came in this report:

  • The iPhone is a device that spies on its users by photographing them and that has been for long years !! (The iPhone was only released three years ago).
  • Apple has been forced to disclose this under pressure from privacy protectors
  • Apple is now working on technologies to monitor users!
  • Providing other countries with information for Apple customers and iPhone users!
  • The use and use of names, numbers, personal information, and credit card numbers by Apple!
  • If the user does not agree to the terms of use, he will not be able to use the iPhone!
  • Apple knows exactly where the device is being used!

As for the response to and clarification of these previous points, you can easily know, dear owner of the iPhone, through the following:

  1. The tone of prejudice on Apple and the iPhone and the use of words such as "innocent title", "the dangers of this modern espionage" and others are not among the basics of the media profession that adheres to objectivity in everything it proposes, not to use the conspiracy theory in the stray and the incoming!
  2. You remember that less than two months ago we had talked about this patent that the report tried to explain with its terrible mistakes, and that in This article And we explained its summary and functions, and we really asked about very important user privacy that it cannot be forfeited even for the iPhone, and we stressed that.
  3. The report dealt with this new theoretical "technology" as if it was implemented in the iPhone (and for years!) And it is nothing more than being Patented A theory that has not been implemented yet so that the results of which Al-Jazeera invented from its fertile conspiracy imagination can be seen! There should have been no such confusion and clarification of the matter and the difference between reality and this patent.
  4. Apple and other companies whose capital is the public are the public, and the issue of privacy and confidentiality is a very sensitive matter for the West and its people, where transparency, monitoring societies, and independent judicial authorities that maintain this privacy, and therefore any error or transgression here may lose this company all this capital and thus its actual termination. She will not risk such a matter and she is only interested in providing distinguished products that guarantee her profit and lasting work, and she is not interested in user information except in terms of improving the quality of her products. Logic dictates this strongly.
  5. Thus, the goal of this technology, if applied, is not to monitor the owner of the iPhone and spy on him as the report claims, but to take information about the iPhone thief and his unauthorized user in order to disable the iPhone and retrieve it.
  6. Technically, the report was not professional, as it did not use appropriate pictures with words or used exaggerated pictures and did not properly belong to the information used is also wrongly, and it used terms and translations unfamiliar in the Arab technical community.
  7. Failure to fully understand the way the software store works and how to buy from it, and it seems that the author of the report did not hold an iPhone in his life and use it to realize that. The process of storing credit card numbers is to facilitate the purchase again and for matching and not for viewing or using it, and you can simply not use a credit card originally in the store and approve it On iTunes cards only, or on free programs and those given to you !!
  8. If you do not agree to the terms of use, then you will not buy an iPhone in the first place, or you will not be able to buy from the software store, and it does not mean that you buy an iPhone and then it is useless and not usable !!
  9. Talking in a strange way about the locating service indicates a lack of understanding it as well, this is an optional matter for the user that he can cancel, and he is not used for spying nor are they grieving, but rather to help in many applications and provide other services useful to the user, and Apple does not know the locations of the users but is used randomly in services such as ads And improve it without really knowing its code.
  10. Many of the features and information mentioned in this disappointing report (which were also misinterpreted) are common to all smartphones, but the report is limited to the iPhone only and its "risks" to the user, which indicates a lack of understanding of the infectious of the smart phone market and its spread, development and status. Current.
  11. As for talking about giving this information to other countries and destinations, it is a broken record that these companies cannot gamble with, and it is an extension of the alleged conspiracy theory that has not brought us any good or progress so far.
  12. We do not know for the benefit of those who confuse iPhone users and cause panic among them (and they are promising hundreds of thousands of Arabs) in this way, and we hope that it is not intended and that it remains merely professional errors and lack of information despite the conspiracy theory full!

We would like to say to our dear site visitors and iPhone users of all generations:

  1. The iPhone is a completely safe device for the user and it does not use any personal information, passwords, or credit account numbers that belong to them, but even what it collects such as geographic location and others. You are notified and your permission is taken to do so and you can revoke it from the settings and therefore this information will not be used (which, by the way, is deleted after it remains. For temporary months and not kept)
  2.  Who says that the iPhone portrays its users He is stupid (Even if it is Al-Jazeera channel) We confirm that the iPhone does not do this, and its camera is safe and does not do any filming for you without you doing it yourself, so there is no need for some to put a protective sticker on it :)
  3. This is just a patent that Apple registered, and it is not a practical thing, that is, it is just a theoretical idea that may or may not be applied, and even if it is applied it will not be applied literally as shown in the video as these patents are registered regardless of the validity of the practical application of the idea.
  4. Apple, as you know, is a company whose capital is the public, users, and individuals, and it is not directed as strongly as other companies to government institutions and sectors, for example, so it will not risk losing this capital's confidence.

As for Al-Jazeera and others like it in this way of showing, we recommend it the following:

  1.  Getting rid of the conspiracy theory that drowns some of its programs and reports ("In the Depth" program by Ali Al-Dhafiri committed the same fall when he turned social networks, Google and Facebook into conspirators and enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation in one of its episodes!).
  2. Not to use non-technical editors who have only a superficial culture of science and technology and its novelty.
  3. The use of professional technical bloggers, who prove day after day that they are the best, but some amateur bloggers were Their expectations For example, Apple's profits in the fourth fiscal quarter of this year, which were announced a few days ago, were generally superior to the expectations of specialized financial analysts, and they were more accurate and information than them. So give bread to its baker, and we can at iPhone Islam serve you with more accurate information that is not distorted or forged :)
  4. Next time, caution against publishing false information like this and apologizing for this episode and explaining the mistakes. The new media, the Internet, and bloggers are watchful eyes around the clock and will not have mercy on any intended or unintended mistakes such as these and will hasten to uncover them sooner or later.

Al-Jazeera was recently subjected to interference that it says was deliberate on its sports channel during the World Cup, and demanded an investigation, an apology and compensation, but recently it has practiced confusion against its fans and followers regarding the iPhone through this program and this report, so we have the right to ask her to clarify and apologize for what shows the true information of the iPhone and that it provides Objectively. And that's not much on them.

Information: The title “Abatail and Asmar” is taken from the title of a book by the scholar Mahmoud Shaker, may God have mercy on him

This article was written based on many messages sent to us asking for clarification of the Al-Jazeera report that caused them panic and made them feel that they are being watched and that their privacy is in danger. It binds us with its good products that benefit us in our lives

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