I am surprised that some people pay large sums to store owners to download programs to their devices, and in the end, after the first restore or upgrade to the device's system, all these programs are lost. Also, in most cases, these programs are pirated, meaning the only beneficiary is the owner of the shop, so you have not given the right to the developer, nor do these programs belong to you. Even without paying any money, you can Create a free account at the Apple Software StoreThen download thousands of free programs and in the end it will be linked to your account and you will never lose it even if it became at a price after it was free. Free, so suppose you Buy your game knowledge Then you sold your phone and bought a new phone. All you have to do is link your new device to your iTunes account, then press to buy the game again. A message will appear to you: “You have purchased the game before and it will be installed for free.” In the end, do not let merchants and shopkeepers exploit you, try to find out your device yourself and make use of it as much as possible.

One of the main problems and difficulties that many Arab users suffer from is the inability to buy from the Apple software store because it requires payment via the Master or Visa Card that banks grant to their customers. The truth is that we see that This obstacle is weakening day after day in the Arab world, for several reasons:

  1. The high rates of online purchases in the Arab world, as shown by recent studies, which indicates the spread of this culture and its facilitation more than before
  2. Facilitate the process of obtaining these credit cards more than before and provide them in many forms such as prepaid cards that are internationally accepted.
  3. It provides many alternatives to buying, such as coupons, business cards, and other methods (which we will talk about in this article).

In electronic shopping, the credit card option remains the fastest, best and most acceptable among the sites and stores spread across the network, but what is the solution if you do not have this credit card to buy from the software store for one reason or another?

Fortunately, the solutions and alternatives are many and available and perhaps near your home, and therefore you can enjoy whatever paid applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch you want and you will not be deprived of them anymore and you will not resort to a merchant who deceives you, jailbreak and pirated programs.

1- ITunes Gift Card :

The first and best alternatives to buying from the software store completely easily and without any complications, risks or difficulties, as these cards are available in certain categories such as ten dollar cards, fifteen dollars, twenty five, or even fifty and one hundred dollars.

Once you get this card, you will see a secret number in it. All you need in it is to register an account in the software store and make its country America and not link it to any credit card. We have explained how to do this in Previous article And then enter this card number In the Redeem box Where a budget will be placed for you in your account with the amount of the card, and then you can buy what you need from the programs.

Where do you find these cards? It is available first for sale Through the Apple online storeIt is also available at the store AmazonThen it is available at all stores specialized in selling Apple products in your city or country, and you also find some friends and individuals who sell them personally.

2- "From Home" cards :

From the home site allows you to register on the site and charge your account with it, from the home site accepts payment in two ways, transfer or bank deposit for those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and CASHU for those outside Saudi Arabia or who prefer to use CASHU as a payment method, and after charging your account, you will be able to buy iTunes cards as one The options available to purchase and send its password to your e-mail, so that you can charge your account in iTunes and buy what you need from the applications.

3- OneCard :

These are paid cards or coupons that are linked to a website that you can buy and fill your account with each time and give you wide options for online purchase, including iTunes cards, where you will be able by purchasing the latter to purchase applications from the software store.

These cards are available in the Gulf countries and Egypt through outlets and authorized distributors.

4- CASHU Cards :

These cards are famous and well-known in the Arab world. These cards do not provide direct purchase of iTunes cards, but you can indirectly buy Amazon cards and then buy iTunes cards through them and then shop from the software store.

5- Prepaid credit cards :

Some banks provide the possibility for you to obtain a prepaid and rechargeable MasterCard credit card without the requirement to have a bank account or original credit card for you, and this card enables you to recharge the amounts you want as soon as its balance expires every time, Saudi National Bank It provides this service and can be requested through it with ease, and this card is accepted globally and in the software store as well.

Did you have experience with one of the previous services? Tell us about it? Do you know other services other than what is mentioned?

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