We always receive questions about how to download an application from the software store, whether it is free or paid, or even about how to obtain an application by entering its code or the so-called Redeem, which can only be obtained by the American store in the software store in iTunes.

Also, iTunes cards and coupons that are bought from various distribution outlets and stores can only be used by the American store, in addition to that, the American store usually contains some important applications that are not available in other countries' stores for one reason or another.

So, because iTunes is the important link between your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and the computer and through it the synchronization, maintenance and downloading of programs and various files take place, we have decided to provide this detailed, boring, but interesting and illustrated explanation :) How to create an account at the American Software Store In iTunes, the steps are taken without entering any credit card or financial bank account number.

1- First of all, open the iTunes program from your computer, and if you do not have it, download it from the Apple website on the link Depending on your operating system.

2- Make sure that the current country of the software store is the United States of America, by scrolling to the bottom of the page in the iTunes Store section and looking at the right corner where you will find the image of the American flag.

3- If the country’s flag is not America, click on it and go to the countries page, where you will see the flags of different countries, then choose the American flag from them.

4- Next, go to the App Store and choose programs section By choosing any free application Suppose it is a program Islamic Calendar And you can search for it with the same name in the search rectangle in the iTunes program above.
(You must choose a free application, otherwise you will not see the option None for the payment method)

5- Go to the free application page and click on the Free App button under its image (This step is necessary in order for the account to be free)

6- A window will appear asking you to log in, click the Create Apple ID button.

7- The following screen will appear, click on the Continue button

8- You will then see the Usage Agreement window, check the I have read and agree option ... and click the Agree button

9- A screen for entering your personal data will appear, fill it in accurately and pay attention to the following instructions:

  • In the first box, enter your email, and it must be an email that is not already registered in iTunes as an account.
  • Enter the password and keep in mind that it should not be less than eight characters and make the first letter of it capital and contain at least a number.
  • Choose three secret questions and record secret answers to them. Be sure to write answers that are known to you or write them somewhere else that you will not forget.
  • Write another backup email as needed (optional).
  • In the last boxes, enter the month, day and year of your birth. Then click on the Continue button

10- On the next screen, we will enter the address as follows:

  • In the Credit Card field, select the last option none
  • In the Code field, if you have a purchased iTunes card, enter its number here, otherwise leave it blank.
  • In the Salutation field, choose Mr or whatever suits you.
  • In the First Name and Last Name fields, enter your first and last name, in the English language of course.

11- In the Address field, we will enter an American address, such as the address of Samsung Corporation: D, type in these fields as in the following picture, and press the Create Apple ID button after that

12- The following screen will appear, which will inform you that the subscription confirmation message has been sent to your email address. Go to your email address and make sure it arrives. If it does not arrive, click on the term Resend Email and then press the Done button.

13- In your email, you will find the following message, click on the phrase Verify Now

14- You will go to the next web page, in which you enter your email and password that you previously chose for registration.

15- The following screen will appear, informing you of the success of the confirmation and the completion of the registration, press the Return to Itunes button.

16- Your iTunes program will be opened and the following screen will appear, press the Done button, where you have reached here to complete the subscription and you have a free official account in the US software store. Congratulations :)

17- Now suppose you have an application code that came to you as a gift from iPhone Islam or another party and you want to obtain and install it, or even you bought an iTunes card and want to activate it on your account as we mentioned in Previous articleSimply, on the main screen of the App Store section of the App Store, look at the Quick Links menu on the right side and select Redeem as in the following picture:

18- The following screen will appear for you, in the empty rectangle enter the number that you got for the intended application.

19- The next screen will appear that tells you the name of the application that will be downloaded and its information, press Done and the download will start to the computer for the application and after its completion you can simply connect the iPhone to the device and perform a synchronization and the application will be copied to the iPhone.

Note 1The reason you did not download a free app, follow the instructions verbatim if you did not find the None option in the payment options.
Note 2If you are told that the address is wrong, read: This article It has some correct addresses.

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