We are often asked this question (I accidentally upgraded and lost the jailbreak, so can I return to the old firmware and jailbreak again?) And we usually answer with no

So why can't you go back to an old vermeir, isn't it a simple matter that opens The firmware links page Then you choose which version you like, then download it, save it to your device, and then do a Restore as it is We taught you before. No ... No ... No ... It's not that simple. Apple prevents restoring an old iFirmware on your device. And if you do that, you will be surprised by an error from the iTunes program, and you will eventually have to put the last firmware that Apple allows on your computer.

How does Apple stop me? How do you know that I am downloading a previous firmware? In short, every time you install a firmware on your computer, the iTunes program takes permission from Apple’s servers, and these servers reveal if this firmware is the latest version or not, so if the latest version sends you approval and thus you can only install the firmware that you want Apple.

The question here is what does the user who upgraded wrongly and wants to revert to the previous version of the operating system, Downgrade, do? And the answer is forHe can do nothing unless He secured himself and saved this approval from Apple on his device or on Cydia servers. Thus, he can always revert to the version in which he saved the approval files from Apple.

In this article, we will explain how to do this, and how to copy the SHSH key to your device, which represents Apple's approval to install the firmware. Follow us and always remember to save these files, especially if you like jailbreakers. Or if your phone is switched off on one network.

First of all, what is SHSH?
This code represents a private key or signature that Apple gives to each firer that is given to each user device and is generated by it through certain keys in the device called ECID, and with it the identity of the operating system is confirmed with every update you make through iTunes, as if you notice when you perform any upgrade or restore appearance The phrase "Verifying restore with Apple." With which the validity of this signature is verified and issued in every entertainment, and in this way Apple also guarantees that no system inferior to the current system licensed by Apple is installed, and each SHSH has a specific expiration date that ends and is not considered useful, and with each new update issued by Apple sends For your device and via iTunes, a new SHSH number is related to this update and it is impossible for you to return to the previous version.

The benefit of SHSH:

So we want to get rid of all of that to a way that enables us to keep the old SHSH number to return to it when needed and do Downgrade to the previous version. How is this done?

Fortunately, there are many tools and methods that copy this key and save it on our devices, including this tool that we will explain here called TinyUmbrella

What is TinyUmbrella?

This tool helps in the process of saving the key or signature of the SHSH file on your device to benefit from it later as we explained, as well as this tool helps you to perform the upgrade to the latest update of the iPhone without upgrading the base band and thus maintain the unlocking of the network on the iPhone that was already done before.

This tool consists of two parts:

  1. Umbrella: It is used to obtain the SHSH file as mentioned and save it in your device to allow Downgrade in the future without any problem. This option works even with devices that do not have a jailbreak.
  2. TinyTSS: Used to perform an operating system upgrade without a Baseband upgrade allowing to maintain network unlock status.

Practical steps for saving the SHSH key:

  • Go to the link Next site From your computer and download a program TinyUmbrella And that is from the second box on the right, so that you choose the link according to the operating system you are running on (Windows, Mac, Linux).

  • After downloading the program, copy it to the Applications folder if you are working on a Mac, or if you are on Windows Click on the downloaded program icon with the right button and select Run as administrator
  • In Windows, if you see a warning message before running the program, press the Allow Access button

  • In the main interface of the program you will be asked to connect your device to the computer, do so.

  • After connecting the iPhone, the program will recognize it, the version of the operating system, the Pace Band and other information

  • Check the Advanced Options box at the top, and additional options will appear for you. With it, make sure that the iPhone OS version matches your device, and also in the Location box choose Cydia (note you can get SHSH only from the latest version of the iPhone OS.)

  • Then click on the Save My SHSH button at the top and then it will bring this key to you. If this process is successful, the following message will appear: “You have saved your SHSH locally and the request was sent to CYDIA. This means that CYDIA DOES have your SHSH. Do NOT bug semaphore about the Cydia home page showing this version. ” And you'll see the word Successfully in green on the bottom screen.

  • Clicking on Click Here To Open that appears as a blue link on the lower screen will take you to the SHSH key file and its location on your device. You can also see this key by clicking on the Display SHSHs button at the top.

Thus, you now have the SHSH key for your device and thus you can now make a DownGrid for the current firmware that you took the SHSH switches for at any time if you had to. We will create an article explaining how Downgrade works for those who have kept SHSH keys

Important information: We think that the average user should avoid all of that, avoid jailbreaking and complex processes, and take advantage of his time in something useful only for him to read publicly until he knows something. We publish these articles in order to publish knowledge in the Arabic language and so that there is a group of young people who know how to serve their brothers and repair their equipment, so science is a wonderful thing, and no matter how complicated you think these methods are, they are never complicated and there must be among us someone who understands this, and even masters it.

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