Since you entered the world of iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you have heard these terms that you may not have known before. Very many do not know the difference. And they think that these terms are similar, or the difference between them is simple.

So what's the difference between a jailbreak and a crack? Is the jailbreak theft to the rights of developers like crack? What is Unlock? Is there a difference between it and the jailbreak? Are any of these operations illegal or punishable by law?

In fact, we have answered most of these questions before, and we have had a number of articles talking about these terms, such as an article (Crack and software piracy is a social and moral disaster(And essay)Is decoding the protection of the iPhone forbidden?) And many articles we explain There is a jailbreak process

In the end, due to the large number of questions, we will collect the explanation of these terms in this article to clarify the difference between them in the form of a comparison ...


tariff: It is a program that modifies the device's operating system to remove the ban by the company developing this system and allows the installation of external programs that are not approved by the manufacturer, and it is called a jailbreak because the maker of the operating system puts the consumer in a prison and prevents him from installing external programs except through him only Either for the purpose of exclusive profit or for the purpose of protecting the user or both, and these programs come to break this prison and restore the user's freedom to install any program he wants on his device.

legal: The jailbreak is XNUMX% legal for personal use, and you cannot be criminalized for doing it or owning its tools, and you can visit an office Federal Law Preservation of Rights For yourself to know that there is never anything in the jailbreak and that it is not considered a violation of corporate rights.

Its uses: The jailbreak is used to install programs that are not approved by the device manufacturer, and these programs may be free or paid for, and in the case of the iPhone, for example, Cydia is used as an alternative to the software store and then install free programs such as WinterBoard to change the phone's themes, for example, and many more, or buy programs such as iBlueNova Which activates the feature of sending files via Bluetooth and many more.

Benefits: The jailbreak enables developers to create programs that take advantage of the hardware components and increase its benefits, and sometimes developers fill the needs that manufacturers overlook, for example: Before Apple supported the cut and paste feature, it was supported by the jailbreak.

Disadvantages: The damages of the jailbreak are many, such as its benefits, as it is a double-edged sword, the first of which is the loss of the company's guarantee. If you know that you have also jailbroken you, when you do a jailbreak, you open your device to developers and trust them to put programs on it without supervision, and the developer may not have sufficient skill, which leads to the loss of the efficiency of your device. The high possibility that your device will be hacked is because it is in an open and completely unsecured state.

Example: You bought a car and the manufacturer told you when you bought it to put one type of gasoline sold by the company only, and it has narrowed the gasoline entrance to the car so that no tool is allowed in except for their gasoline filler. And I told you if breached these laws will go out of warranty. You later found that the gasoline of the company that made the car limits its speed in order to make it safer, but you decided to use another petrol that makes your car faster and went to a car mechanic, so he expanded the gasoline entrance to use the company's petrol or any type of petrol you want. In this case, you have not violated anyone’s right, as the car is yours, and the other gasoline you buy, and you are responsible for the damage that may be caused to your car, for violating the seller’s laws.

There is a fatwa from Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid that jailbreak is permissible and nothing in it
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Network Opening:

tariff: It is a program that modifies an internal unit in the phone to remove the ban from the manufacturer of this phone and make you use it with more than one communications network. Sometimes the phone is sold in some countries that allow monopoly and is closed for use on one network only, according to a contract between you and the telecommunications company. And unlocking the network allows you to unblock this ban and use your phone with any SIM and any network.

legal: Opening the network is also legal for personal use under the federal law to preserve rights, taking into account that opening the network is one thing and your commitment to the contract of the telecommunications company is another thing, you must abide by this contract concluded between you and the communication company even if you dismantle the network and pay the penalties for terminating this contract, but if I have paid the full price of the phone since its purchase, and there is no contract between you and the carrier, however the phone is closed on one network, so you have the right to open the phone at your own risk for a personal purpose without trading.

Benefits: The freedom to choose the appropriate communication companies and communication packages for you and get out of the monopoly of companies that exploit the partnership between them and the phone manufacturer to charge you high fees.

Disadvantages: In order for the network unlock program to be installed, the jailbreak must be done first, as I previously learned it is not possible to set an external program without the jailbreak and therefore the harms of opening the network are the same as the harms of the jailbreak because your phone is jailbroken for it first and then opening the network are two processes that are related and it is never possible to open the network without a jailbreak. Add to that the disadvantages that the developers failed to unblock the network normally, which sometimes leads to a malfunction of the device itself and of the communication-related services in the phone.

Example: You bought a car and the manufacturer told you to use the tires of one company and a specific type only and prepared the car to accept only the tires of this company, and you, in turn, see that this car is good, but the tires are expensive and do not work as efficiently as mentioned in the advertisement of the car, and therefore after you paid the price of the car in full and became You have it set up to work with any frame you choose, bearing the consequences of this modification that you have made.


You know: It is a modification to a program that you do not own and you have not paid anything of its price in order to make it work fully as if you paid exactly for it in full.

legal: Crack is illegal because you use programs that you did not pay for the full version and used them completely, and software piracy is a type of theft, and you can review the site SIIA To learn more about the legality of crack. You should know that there is a big difference between paying the price of the program and then modifying it in order to change its job and make more use of it for your personal use and not paying for the program and then obtaining it without paying for it.

Benefits: Crack is useful in several cases, including trying programs before buying them or comparing several programs that perform the same function with the aim of choosing the best ones, then scanning the non-original version and buying the original version.

Disadvantages: Crack has the same damages as the jailbreak because it is not possible to install programs that have been pirated except through the jailbreak, in addition to the damage that inflicts companies as a result of the non-return of benefit to them from the development of programs and thus harm to society as a whole and a shortage of programs and companies working in this field. See article (Crack and software piracy is a social and moral disaster)

Example: You bought a car and the manufacturer told you when you bought it to put certain petrol in it to work well, so you modified the car and stole the gasoline from gas stations and you did not pay for it.


Do not confuse the jailbreak with the crack, it is not because the crack is via jailbreak so the jailbreak is a mistake. No, there are tools that if used for good are good, and if they are used for evil they are bad. The knife can cut the fruit and it can kill. This does not make the knife a bad tool. Rather, whoever uses it for evil is bad. The same thing with the jailbreak you can use it to put useful programs on your phone, whether free or paid for after you pay for it to use it and encourage its developers. These programs cannot be allowed by Apple at the software store for many reasons. The simplest is that these programs must modify files. The system and this is something that needs special care and great care, and Apple will not allow that for developers outside of its company to maintain the stability of the phone system. But if you want to, then you are free unless it is harmed.

The jailbreak does not violate the rights of Apple if it is for personal use, and if there is any violation of the offense of the law, then you cannot be keen on the interests of Apple from them. Do not forget that you paid the price of the phone in full and you have the right to amend it, give it to your child, throw it into the sea, or disassemble it into a million pieces in the end, this phone is yours and you paid for it, and the condition between you and Apple is the guarantee that is canceled as soon as you violate the terms of the contract.

Crack is contrary to jailbreak, so while jailbreak is an amendment to a phone that you own and have paid the full price for it, crack is the use of companies' programs in their full version without paying for it, and this of course is unacceptable to reason, and in the end the crack culture leads to neglect of the companies developing the programs for the countries that do not buy their programs, and local companies therefore do programs A country that respects its rights, which leads to a decrease in the usefulness of technology due to the lack of programs directed to our community, and the $ 1 amount that I preferred not to pay for a loss program for you before anyone else, and we have seen the results of this in the lack of interest in many companies in our region due to lack of respect for the rights of development companies.

We hope that the difference has been clarified, and what we have mentioned here is not a heresy, and we did not bring anything new, as this is internationally recognized. We also did not discuss whether the matter is permissible or forbidden, this matter has its scholars, and we are only doing our part in clarifying and defining the terms for the scholars, and whatever their fatwa must be respected and acted upon even if it contravenes our indignity.

Note: In order for the discussion to be fruitful and for the article to be a reference for every researcher on the meaning of these vocabulary, any comment outside the context of the article or any negative comment that is neither useful nor discussed objectively will be deleted.

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