As you know, thank God we activated FaceTime on 3GS devices before. Now, after the release of iOS 4.2.1, we have updated the program to work with the new version.

But be careful, as you know the program is only installed via Cydia, so you need a jailbreak, and at the present time the jailbreak for the new version 4.2.1 is still unstable and has a lot of problems, and mostly for 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad devices, you will have to jailbreak each time you close the device and this This is called tethered or tethered jailbreak because it makes you linked to your computer and you cannot open your device if it is turned off until after you connect it to the computer and run the jailbreak program again.

If you know what you're doing - you can download the jailbreak at Dev-Team site It works on all devices

Installations FaceIt-3GS Islam from iPhone

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click the (Manage) button, then select (Sources)
  3. On the top on the right, press the (Edit) button, then press the (ِ ADD) button on the left
  4. Enter the source iPhone Islam -
  5. Click the (Add Source) button.
  6. After adding the source press the (Done) button on the right
  7. Now you will find iPhoneIslam in the list, click on it
  8. You will find FaceIt-3GS-4.2.1 click on it
  9. At the top on the left press the (Install) button, then click the (Confirm) button
  10. Now press the "Reboot" button.
  11. Go to the device settings and you will find the FaceTime shown, open it and make sure that you wrote your phone number beginning with the + sign with the country key
  12. Now wait from one to ten minutes and God willing, FaceTime will be activated. If not and the Waiting for Activation message remains, then you should wait for a while and do a reconfiguration of the network settings.


  • Some networks do not have FaceTime, such as the Zain network in Saudi Arabia.
  • Waiting for Activation message has nothing to do with FaceTime activation software, if FaceTime does not do this, see your service provider.
  • The mini video that displays your image appears upside down. Ignore this image, because the other side sees you well.
  • FaceIt-3GS only activates FaceTime on 3GS devices, and do not install it if your device is not a 3GS


  • The FaceTime Hacktivator activation program for Middle Eastern devices is still working on the new version without any modification - as we promised you :)

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