Thanks to God, FaceTime is now available for 3G phones, free for everyone ...

Now the back camera of the iPhone 3GS works in FaceTime calls and it is possible to make a FaceTime call between two 3GS phones, but of course you will need an idea in order to see who is talking to you and at the same time you see it :)

Before you install FaceIt-3GS

  • As I learned before Any program that is not installed from the software store needs a jailbreak, and of course because Apple will not allow FaceTime to be activated from the software store, then your device must have a jailbreak installed and of course an updated Cydia program (To install the jailbreak, review this article)
  • Your device must be 3GS and you have firmware 4.1 or 4.2.1
  • You must have enough credit on your phone because activating FaceTime requires the ability to send text messages

Installations FaceIt-3GS Islam from iPhone

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click the (Manage) button, then select (Sources)
  3. On the top on the right, press the (Edit) button, then press the (ِ ADD) button on the left
  4. Enter the source iPhone Islam -
  5. Click the (Add Source) button.
  6. After adding the source press the (Done) button on the right
  7. Now you will find iPhoneIslam in the list, click on it
  8. You will find FaceIt-3GS click on it
  9. At the top on the left press the (Install) button, then click the (Confirm) button
  10. Now press the "Reboot" button.
  11. Go to the device settings and you will find the FaceTime shown, open it and make sure that you wrote your phone number beginning with the + sign with the country key
  12. Now wait from one to ten minutes and God willing, FaceTime will be activated. If not and the Waiting for Activation message remains, then you should wait for a while and do a reconfiguration of the network settings.


In the end

You always heard about Dave Tim, George Hotz, and Muscle Naird, and I always used to say where we are from these accomplishments. Today, thanks to God, all international websites and even newspapers have talked about this great achievement ... This achievement was done by your brothers on iPhone Islam (Walid Refaat Tariq Mansour) and all of the iPhone Islam team from your Arab Muslim brothers ... you and I are able to be something that just don't waste your time and you will see what you can do.

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