Everyone who has tried the iPad so far or most of all praise it in terms of its effectiveness as a simple device for reading books with a wonderful and distinctive program and a powerful emulator for book pages to be closer to nature.

As for the large spread of the iPad so far, which has exceeded expectations, this will make it have a brilliant future in reading and publishing books, magazines and newspapers, and since it is related to the Internet and the network, the type of self-publishing or the so-called Self-Publishing, which is already spread across the network across many sites and services, will definitely make its way. And with complete success through the iPad, with its combination of superior features.

Apple, through iTunes Connect, allows users to publish their books via New independent portal Allows you to publish your books on the iBook Store and find their way into the Book Store

This publishing process will be subject to the electronic ePub format, which is the format in which Apple deals with all books published through the iPad Book Store.

In addition to that, there are several conditions for publishing your books personally via the iPad, including having the ISBN number for your book, meaning that it be internationally certified, as well as owning a Mac device to prepare the book on the program designated for that, and it seems that the service is still American until now as it must possess - according to the conditions A US tax number plus an active iTunes account with a credit card account for payments.

Do some seem impossible conditions? Do not fear that, you can deal with a third party to publish your books on the iPad, like the famous publishing service known by the Arabs Lulu They will fulfill all these requirements for you.

There is no doubt that with the great and continuous spread of the iPad, what we said in the past confirms that the iPad is also a production device and not a purely consumer device, and that it will have a major change role in the new media and in the production of culture and the word. It remains only to wait for the valuable Arab products in this field, including books and publications devoted to the iPad.

The opportunity here is great to reach your iPad e-book more than doubly than if it were paper through millions of users of the iPad that device that sold in less than a month a million units!

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