The software store allows through the iTunes program to gift programs and send them to whomever you want from friends and loved ones. This method is available for those who own a bank credit card only, and here is the method:

  • You open the iTunes program from the computer and then enter your personal account. Then you choose the program you want to give
  • I chose an Islamic cards program:

  • Choose the Gift This App command

  • A green page will open for you specifying the method of sending the gift, either by e-mail or by printing it directly, and also contains a field containing a short message to the recipient.
  • I have selected Instant Print and it will look like this:

  • It will prompt you to choose a payment method

  • After that, you must enter the bank credit card information.
  • Then you will see the purchase invoice and confirm the process:

  • After confirming the purchase, the gift will appear in this way, including the code number, and then we choose the print order

  • Thus, the purchase of the gift was completed, and you only have to send it in your own way to the one you love.

Notes :

  • I tried to buy from the American store with a Saudi bank card, and it did not accept the transaction, so I bought from the Saudi store.
  • The recipient of the gift must have his account in the same store that the purchase was made from, for example I purchased from the Saudi store, and another store will not accept that gift when entering the Redeem Code
  • If you do not know how to do Redeem, get the program Check out this article
  • The code is used only once, and if you see a blank page or any error, this means that the code has been used before

The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says: “Give gifts to yourselves.” Because I love my brothers who visit our beloved site, I will give them six programs produced by iPhone Islam to six brothers whose accounts are in the Saudi store only, and I apologize to the beloved brothers for the lack of gifts.

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