You know, of course, that we distribute gift programs from time to time, and it is through a code consisting of numbers and letters, then the user makes a so-called Redeem for him or replaces it with the program and you get it completely free of charge as if you bought it, these codes can be obtained through two methods ..

  1. By purchasing the program as a gift and we explained it on This article Then send the code to one of your friends or publish it on one of the sites.
  2. Or you are the developer of the program and in this case Apple gives you the right to a limited number of codes in order to advertise your program in various sites, the press and friends, but with conditions and the most difficult of these conditions was that the iTunes account of the beneficiary of these codes works on the American store and therefore we wrote an article before About How to create a free account on the US store here

The good news is that a few days ago, Apple announced the removal of this condition, and any user can Redeem software codes and get them for free even without his account in the iTunes program belonging to the American store. Thus, when we put gifts again, all you have to do is quickly Redeem because the code is used only once and it is not important at all to change the store country to America anymore. 

تجد Here is how Redeem works from the computer You can do a Redeem through the app store program on your iPhone. On the Featured page, in the last list of programs you will find the Redeem option


Here are some gifts from our programs so you can try for yourself.

Developed Islamic calendar program



Islamic cards



If you cannot obtain from any of the programs due to the running out of the codes, do not worry, you may get lucky with other programs and you can purchase these programs by clicking on the icon of the program itself

If you don't have a card to buy from the software store, there are many other ways to just buy Read this article

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