Although our names accompany us throughout our lives, some may not know the meaning of their name, is this not strange? Although there are many people around us whom we pay great attention to, nevertheless ... we rarely know the meaning of their names! The biggest problem is that some people make the mistake of naming one of their children a name that they do not know its meaning, even though our Messenger - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - instructed us to properly name our children. “Nevertheless, we find the negligence of many in this regard. One of the noble Islamic directives is the kindness of choosing names for your children, as this is part of the perfection of literature and education and giving a title that a person will proclaim throughout his life. The boy, what is the right of the boy over the father? He, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “To improve his name and improve his manners.”

With the change of times, many names, surnames and adjectives changed, varieties disappeared, and others appeared and emerged, and some became confused in choosing the name of their son and next child, thinking about the shape and appearance of this name in a way that corresponds to good taste and in the meaning as well, so that it does not indicate anything abnormal or strange. This confusion in choosing names is the blackness of you as a father or brother or waiting for a new baby who will please your life after now and I do not need to ask, flip books or search the Internet with this new application on the iPhone and presented by iPhone Islam as its latest version in this field, It is an application of "names".

If you think that it is just an application that displays the name and its meaning in a primitive way, then we will disappoint you, as we do not work in this way, but rather we harness all the capabilities and modern technology to present an innovative idea that serves the field of application and its main goal.

You can start this application from wandering between the Arabic alphabet with ease and left by swiping left or right according to the alphabetical order in order to read the full list of names starting with this letter

And through a very elegant design, you can choose the name you want to see its linguistic meaning to appear to you in the upper half of the screen and also written in English letters.

The program allows you to copy this meaning to the clipboard with ease.

It also allows you to share the name and its meaning in more than one way via e-mail or social networks.

In the application there is also a special section for favorites so that it keeps the names that you liked and would like to limit them to one place to choose from them later, where you can easily click on the plus sign to add the name to your favorites.

The application, of course, contains a search feature where you can enter the name that you want to see its meaning in the search box without forcing you to choose it from the letter lists, where by entering it a letter by letter you will see potential results for names in real time, which means speed in the search and performance.

The application also contains the feature of classifying masculine and feminine names, where through the famous feminine and reminder signs ♂ ♀ you can limit the search and browse to names between females or males.

Are the features of this app expired? Never .. There is a nice competition for names and their meanings in both Arabic and English, in which you can participate to test your cultural knowledge about names by answering these questions within a short and specific time.

The contest allows you to choose an answer from among three possibilities.
And you can switch the language for the contest immediately during your participation.


One last thingThe program enables you to create a beautiful background that contains your name and its meaning, and you can also save the background in the pictures folder and then gift it to one of your friends.

Program Advantages

  • Easy interface and you can master the use of the program in seconds
  • High-quality graphics and supports Retina screen technology
  • A large group of names and their meanings
  • Show how to write the name in English
  • Formation of the name so that you can pronounce it correctly if necessary
  • Smart search can quickly distinguish names and display them instantly
  • You can search in Arabic or English
  • You can display only female names or male names only and both
  • Share the meanings of the names in various ways such as Facebook, Twitter and Mail
  • Copying the meanings of the names into the device's memory for use in any other program
  • The possibility of creating a background containing your name and its meaning and saving it in the pictures folder
  • The names meanings game, included for free with the program, is a light game that tests your ability to know the meanings of names

The Names application from iPhone Islam, is not just a traditional application to display names and their meanings, but rather an integrated package for everything related to Arabic names and their meanings in a distinct and creative way.

Through the simple idea of ​​the program and employing it in this wonderful way, we would like to communicate advice to Arab software developers. Tired a little bit in making your programs so that we can promote the Arab programs.

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