We are currently making a complete change to the iPhone Islam website. We hope that this change is for the better.
The change will include the interface of the website, the computer version, and the iPhone and iPad version. Also, a new version of the iPhone Islam program will be released, God willing.

Most of you did not see the iPhone version of Islam for the computer and did not know that the iPhone is Islam in the first place a website, we have discovered that some people think that the iPhone Islam is nothing but a program on the iPhone and the iPad only because it knows the site from Islam During installing the iPhone program, we recommend that those in this condition take advantage of their presence next to a desktop or laptop computer and write in the browser address www.iphoneislam.com

We want to know from you

  • Is the appearance of the site important to you?
  • What are your requests to make browsing the site easier?
  • Do you face any problems with the site and browsing it?
The new modifications are still in an experimental stage, and we will ask you for some patience until the site stabilizes and everything returns better than it was, God willing.

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