It happened once that I lost all of its applications from the software store after I performed one of the upgrades for the iPhone, and the amount of programs was so many that I do not remember most of them, but for good reason iTunes keeps a complete record of everything you bought from your designated account of apps, audio, movies, books, etc. It is not related to pure buying, but rather any download that you make, whether free or paid, but how do you see this valuable record? Follow with us the following steps:

1. First open the iTunes program, then log into your account and go to the software store section.

2. From the Quick Links menu on the right, click on Account

3. Scroll down a little and you will find a section with a button titled Purchase History, meaning the date of purchase, and next to it, an information showing the date of the day that witnessed the most download requests for you from the store, click on this button.

4. You will notice the presence of two lists, the first one which is the upper one that shows your last purchases from the store, the type of item purchased, its value and the total purchases. This list represents a complete order with a specific date, time and serial number as you can see in the picture and in iTunes.

5. The bottom list represents all your orders from the software store, so that each line represents the content of an order, and the order is all your purchases in a specific session or date, so that you may buy ten programs in one session, so it is calculated as an order.

6. When you click on the stock icon in front of each order item, the order page and its details will open, so that all the programs and items that you have purchased on this date or session are clear in front of you.

So this is how you will know all what you did, carried and bought in the software store from the moment you registered your account in iTunes, which saves you time and effort in retrieving some important programs, as well as reviewing your history, accounts and the total of what you spent on this store.

7. You can also download all the programs that you have purchased from the store with one click by clicking the right button on the Purchased List item.

8. By clicking on Check for Available Downloads, all your purchases from the store will be downloaded without paying again of course.


Information: Any program that you have previously purchased and then deleted in one way or another, you can click to buy it again from the software store, and its price will not be deducted. Any program that you purchased is restricted to your account and is yours, and you can download it to any device that has the same account.

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