The lack of technical culture in Arab circles is still a major problem and an obstacle in the way of progress and urbanization, taking advantage of technical developments and building on them for the emergence of a strong Arab scientific technological renaissance, for example the report broadcast by Al-Jazeera about the use of the iPhone in espionage, which We responded to it In the past, no one would imagine the extent to which the false information he transmitted was entrenched in the minds of viewers, especially with the wide spread of viewers of this channel, which exceeds tens of millions, who never doubt the reliability of its information and its reliability, and here is the biggest problem!

To this day, I still meet many of those who do not suspect the slightest doubt that the iPhone is already spying on its users, not only it, but all the smartphones and tablets that you also photograph and transfer to the CIA!

Says News What is new is that Dubai Police is launching a campaign to educate families about the dangers of the iPhone and the BlackBerry on their children and companions “because of the immoral pictures they publish in their circles.” Notice how the function of these phones has been dwarfed!

And "The campaign will specifically target families to prevent this type of phone from reaching the hands of young children, calling on parents to keep their children away from them until they reach adulthood, perfection and balance."

Of course, while young Westerners innovate through these neutral tools and their creativity comes from programs and accessories, we see that one of the youngsters, who is only fourteen years old, succeeds in making a free game that can displace the most famous game ever in the history of the iPhone "angry birds" from first place in more Applications are popular in the store, we block these phones from our children under false pretenses.

The iPhone and its counterparts from other phones, as we mentioned, are nothing but neutral tools that are used for good and evil, not the solution is prevention, but using all the features and techniques that enable everyone of all ages to use it with legalization for adolescents and young people through several distinct tools, including what the iPhone provides and neglects to use Many are the so-called restrictions or Restrictions where we can, by using these restrictions and through a special password in it, reach a high degree of security that enables us to put the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in the hands of teenagers with complete reassurance after allocating it, for example, in preventing the operation of YouTube or The camera and then FaceTime and other applications. As it will disappear immediately from the iPhone screen once prevented and disabled. (We can easily access this service through settings - general - restrictions. As in the picture below)

Also, we can control the level of services, so we can prevent the installation or deletion of applications by the user of the device, and we can disable the change in the geographical location or in the e-mail accounts.

Also, we can control the level of content, so we can prevent the teenager from watching some adult-rated films, for example, within the many available classifications for each movie, also the same applies to television shows and applications and the latter we always notice the existence of a scale for their ranks such as 4+ or 9+ and others and private By evaluating the application in terms of its suitability for adults, children, adolescents and adults, we can control and prevent or allow all of this and thus the person will not be able to download and use any application that is not appropriate for his age.

We can also prevent the purchase of services within the applications in-app purchases, as well as the audios and music classified as gross! We can also apply different country ratings and ratings on controlling the device, as well as at the gaming center level, preventing adding friends or preventing multiplayer.

These features are not limited to the iPhone, but can also be applied to the iPad and iPod touch.

Thus, we notice a flexible and very wide level of control to customize the iPhone, its content and services to suit all ages and levels, and thus make the device available to everyone with the important and creativity it represents and not prevent it as we did when we lit a candle and did not curse the darkness! And let us always remember that censorship is basically internal that stems from consciousness and conscience, and is not external!

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