What's better than developing a unique, useful, and wonderful program? Better than that is to keep updating this program to become better and better, thereby creating confidence between you and the user and he knows that even if he does not like the first version, the next version will be better and the next one will be better, and he will never regret buying it and will always invite you well. This is exactly what we intend to do on iPhone Islam, we do not intend to develop many programs, otherwise our store will have hundreds of programs, but we intend to create distinct applications so that we will be a stone for building this nation, at least in our field of competence.

Of course, all that we do is from God’s grace to us, and what we do is not much. It may be playing alongside those who really are carrying the development of our nation, but we are trying and we will continue to try to have a role and update today for the spoke program is one of our attempt to activate this role and make this application valuable and useful for all users Because the user can memorize several articles and refer to them later, but it is better than that to be able to translate foreign articles into Arabic and then hear them immediately or at a later time, and more than that, the possibility of forming Arabic texts is this feature that can be used in several areas. We hope you like this update and, God willing, we will continue to make our apps better. Whoever bought the program before, all he needs is to update the program for free through the software store.

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