When we develop a new application in the iPhone, Islam, we often do not announce it quickly and we wait and give the opportunity to see what our brothers will write about us on other sites, and the truth this time, the articles most of them were wonderful, the strong and positive reaction of everyone. So we decided not to write this time and we chose an article written by Yazid Gharibi From the site Apple World.

Perhaps most of us know the principle of the Hangman game, which consists of knowing the word in syllable letters and according to the category you play, and usually such games are available in English only. But iPhone Islam turns it into the game of the Hanged Man with the same idea and becomes fully Arab with the same basic principle of the game.

The game comes with a very cool design, as you can see in the picture above, and is also very simple and very well suited to the game. If you click on Play, a menu will appear for you to choose the classification you want to play with and the classes in the game are:

  • Geography
  • inanimate
  • Animals
  • Occupations
  • كتب
  • Figures
  • أصوات
  • Plants
  • Stones and minerals
  • Cars
  • Asmaa Allah Al Husna
  • And also the option to diversify between departments is complete

If you choose one of the sections, “In this case, I chose the cars section.” You also notice that the design is very close to any game that adopts the Hamgman principle, but here in Arabic, as well as improvements provided by the developer, which is the feature of hinting and scanning. At the beginning of the game, you will get four hints, and if you press, you will display one letter from the group, and in the event that it ends, and as you continue to play and score higher points, some of the hints will return again. The scanning feature erases the last steps that you took, which are 3 smears at the beginning, but as you progress and collect more points, that number increases until you get the gold eraser, which erases all previous steps.

If you guessed all the letters without any help, you will get additional points and the points differ as they depend mainly on the speed, so if you answer without any help and very quickly, you will get more points and the points will decrease if your answer is slower.

According to Islam's iPhone statement, the Hanged Man game is the first Arab game to use the Bluetooth play feature, and this feature is available in the game and is very impressive. And if you do not have someone to play with via Bluetooth, as it also requires the second party to have the same games, you can play in pairs on the same device. Some pictures for playing via bluetooth:

The characteristic of playing via bluetooth or dual is that the other party can choose a word that is not present in the classifications and consists of between two to 12 letters and puts it for the first party to guess. As you can see in the pictures, the second party chose the word Apple World and placed it under the category of Internet.

It is also distinguished by the game that it is linked with the Game Center, which Apple developed with the iOS 4 system, as this feature adds more enthusiasm for competition between your friends more, and if you want to compete more, there is a list of Achievements for the game that you can complete.

The Hangman game presented by iPhone Islam is the first game that carries the principle of the Hangman game, but in Arabic. The design of the game is very suitable and wonderful for the style of the game and the classifications in the game are also excellent, especially from the beginning of the game. Adding hints and the eraser feature is a great idea from the game developers, as it contributes to the advanced stages of the game that helps more guessing about this word, and the more your points you get, you will get those auxiliary features again and the golden eraser feature. The two-way play in the game is very wonderful and its connection with bluetooth is very smart, and Tariq Mansour from iPhone Islam added that online play will also be added in future versions of the game.

In short, the Hangman game is one of the games that I have frankly addicted to and its presence in the Arabic language has made the Hangman games experience much better. I recommend it to every gaming lover, especially for those who love Hangman games.


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