Some complained about the presence of a lock mark next to the clock on the screen of their device, and at the same time there were complaints that the horizontal position did not work in the device, or the so-called Landscape Orientation. But the solution is simple. You can simply turn on or off screen rotation, which is a feature available only on iPhone 3GS devices, the third generation iPod touch or both, or on the iPad, and from iOS 4.0 onwards.

This feature is useful if you do not want to change the position of the screen while surfing the Internet or reading while you are lying down, as the change of the screen from vertical to horizontal is annoying at the time. Just press the Home button twice in quick succession. This is to call up the Multi-Tasking Bar, which shows you the open programs in the background, and which also enables you to access the so-called Portrait Lock button.

Move the windows on the bar by pressing them with your finger while swiping to the right, here you will see the iPod shortcut buttons and on the left you will find the rotation symbol, which closes the display position horizontally when tilting or operating the device

When it is closed, the lock appears at the top of the screen next to the battery, meaning that you have prevented the screen from turning into a horizontal position when the device is tilted, and if you do the same steps again, you can remove the lock icon and enable landscape mode.

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