As everyone knows the site iPhone Islam, a site specializing in technology, specifically everything that works with the iOS system such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and at the same time our site follows Islam as a legitimate control for us and we are proud of that. Although the site was basically the basis for making Islamic programs on the iPhone, so it took its name (iPhone Islam), but with the passage of time the site grew and had many goals. Nevertheless, we kept the name of the site as it is and the reason is that it really reflects our direction and our goal, so Muslim is not far from technology and not Away from life, a Muslim is not a terrorist. On the contrary, a Muslim is civilization and progress.

So, iPhone Islam is not a religious site and it is not a fatwa site, but a technical site committed to Islam

Since the establishment of the site, we are committed to clarifying what is in accordance with our Sharia and what does not agree with it in our field of specialization, and one of the questions strongly asked is (Is decoding the protection of the iPhone forbidden?We mean to unlock the iPhone Jailbreak And we wrote an article about it and we were First person wrote about it on February 13, 2008 But of course, we did not refuse, but rather we only raised the issue and the scientific facts so that religious scholars can benefit from them, and then one of the specialized scholars gives us a fatwa.

Also, we found that many do not know the difference between jailbreaking, cracking and unlocking the network, so we wrote an article (The difference between jailbreaking, unlocking the network, and crackingLet us clarify the difference in it and that the jailbreak is not the same as crack, and there is a big difference between them. We explained the harm of crack on society in an article (Crack and software piracy is a social and moral disasterOf course, there has always been a conflict of opinion and disagreement in the absence of a fatwa from a respected sheikh.

In the end, and finally, a fatwa from our honorable sheikh came to us Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid Through Hayat Tech, this wonderful program specializing in technology on the Al-Majd channel, the sheikh honored us by mentioning the name of our site iPhone Islam as his technical reference, and the truth was we were surprised by the sheikh’s knowledge about jailbreak and crack and his precise definition of each of them and his great knowledge on this issue before he passed on it. We invite you to watch the fatwa in this video ...

In the end and in sum, we now have a fatwa that there is nothing in the jailbreak and that crack is forbidden according to Sharia. Thank you, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid, and thank you for the program Tack life And Al-Majd Channel to end this controversy in this case.


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