Praise be to God, and thanks to God alone ... we were able to create a program that makes the 3G iPad work as a phone. This was only possible thanks to God and the great effort made by our brother Walid Rifaat.

You will not need any additional components, just an iPad and a jailbreak for it, then the iPad 3G works as a complete phone that receives and sends calls and messages to FaceTime.
Regarding the re-issuance of this program, soon, God willing - there is no specific time ... We just wanted to make the world happy with us - but there is a lot of work to make sure the program is stable.

We did not invent the atom, I know :) But we did something that no one had done before, and on the contrary, the big hackers thought it was impossible.

Of course, this is a global achievement, praise be to God, thousands of foreign websites are talking about it now, and many in the West who do not know about Islam may think ... Uh, so our media portrays Muslims for us other than that. This site is called iPhone Islam, which is a technical site that has made a lot of achievements so maybe What I know about blame is wrong. And that's what we like about every accomplishment we do… After all, everyone writes on iPhoneIslam

I do not know what this feeling is, but I am proud of my brothers on the iPhone Islam and proud of Walid and proud of the site and of you as well.

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