Finally, after more than 42 days, Apple approved the Youth Revolution game, and finally it is now available at Software storeAs for the reason for its rejection, it was nothing more than arguments, and it was confirmed by a friend inside Apple that the reasons for the rejection were for the purpose of disrupting its publication, perhaps to ensure that it was free of anything that might raise problems. Of course, we appreciate that the issue of the Arab revolutions is thorny to many, and certainly Apple does not want to implicate itself in anything contrary to the law or customs .. In the end, after many communications and messages and many amendments, it was agreed that the Youth of the Revolution game will be the most awaited program we have been waiting for.

The revolution youth game is not a big thing, it is just a simple game that has only one purpose, which is to entertain us and our children, and the message here is simply that these are our games that were made with our own hands and serve our cause and are inspired by our reality, whether you accept this reality or reject it, whether you think this is right or wrong, What happened happened and became a reality and we must express it, so repeat this with me :)

The youth revolution game is just a game ... the youth revolution game is just a game

But not like any game, it is an Arab game made by your brothers, the iPhone Islam team, which was made for you by wonderful programs and games such as your information و The Hanged Man All of them are entertaining games made with great mastery, and the Youth Revolution game was made with the same perfection and developed to be fun and entertaining at the same time. Perhaps this time there will be no informational side, but the fun and entertainment in itself is a welcome thing.

The idea of ​​the revolution youth game is to jump from one place to another and collect the icons of social networks and eliminate the slogans of corruption and injustice that meet you on the way up, and of course those with interests will not leave you and they will send you thugs with stones, Molotov cocktails and fireballs, perhaps also trying to catch you a sniper, so you must You have to dodge and shake the device quickly and when you overcome all obstacles and reach the symbol of corruption, drop it to move to a new stage. We know that the road is difficult, and your chance of survival is not great, but it is not important, so you can always play a new role. In the end, the youth revolution game is just a game;)

We know that some of you object to the idea of ​​the game, and we know that some will say words such as ... incitement, sedition, wealth, shame, exploitation, free, potatoes, and the rest of the usual words ... But my dear brother, we would like your disagreement not to spoil the friendship between us, as you know our long relationship together You have to offer goodwill and believe us when we say that we only mean one thing in this game ( To be just an Arab game, inspired by our Arab reality )

In the end, the gaming industry is not an easy thing, and if the game appeared to you as simple, but we learned a lot from it, it is our first OpenGL game and we used some other technologies in which we did not know anything about it, and it is enough that we made it compatible with all devices, including the iPhone 2G and even without GameCenter will score your points on the device itself. As for the fun in playing, we tried to make it enjoyable and inspired by the Arab revolutions, and I think we succeeded to some extent in making the first Arab game with Arab hands that talks about an Arab reality.


Buy the software $ 0.99 (for a limited time)

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