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As you know about us on the iPhone Islam, we pay great attention to Arab and Islamic content, and we always strive to create useful programs that are inspired by our society and our Arab heritage. When we start a new program, we think about what we as Arabs or Muslims miss most in the software store. Today we present an application “My personal diary“To contain a diary to manage time and reminders of appointments, and to help you accomplish the tasks that you are looking forward to doing, in addition to the application containing a calendar that brings together both the Hijri and Gregorian calendars, which are displayed side by side.

My personal diary program is intended to be an alternative to the calendar program in the iPhone for Arab users, it contains all the specifications that you may need to make notes or lists of tasks that you want to complete on time, and it also provides you with a reminder feature through an alarm that you can choose in advance Among the available voices.

We wanted to design the program to be integrated and provide you with all your needs, of course, knowing the daily weather condition so that you can plan your tasks, as we know the weather condition may affect your daily plans. The program contains high-quality graphics that support high-resolution Retina screens, and it provides you with a great user experience that simulates flipping a real calendar, and attention has been paid to the smallest details, starting from reviewing the daily or monthly calendar and ending with the wisdom of the day.

Advantages of the program:

  • High-quality graphics that support Retina screens
  • It works completely in both Arabic and English
  • Ease and speed of use
  • Hijri date set on the Umm al-Qura calendar
  • Real daily calendar contains the Hijri and Gregorian dates
  • Monthly calendar showing the Hijri and Gregorian dates
  • Digital clock with daily weather condition
  • The weather may affect what you do in your day, so the weather has been added for any city
  • Demonstrate wisdom today, with many selected judgments
  • Adding appointments, notes and tasks with the ability to alert them even when the program is closed
  • The possibility of changing the alarm tone
  • The days that contain your notes and tasks are marked in the daily and monthly calendar to see if you have tasks for this day or not
  • View all notes, or only view notes for a specific day
  • The ability to delete old notes with one click
  • The possibility of placing a mark to distinguish between the tasks that have been completed and that are still in effect

Finally, we would like to note that my personal diary program does not matter to him if it is your diary or your date that you want to be reminded of on the first of Ramadan or at the end of August, as the Gregorian date is linked to the Hijri and you will never feel that the transfer between dates will cause you a crisis.

Of course, your suggestion is important because our development of the program will continue, God willing, and one of the most important suggestions that we are working on for the next version is the possibility of linking and synchronizing the program with the Apple calendar program

Buy the software at $ 1.99

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