Many think that the hacker is the same as the cracker, the truth is not the hacker is the one who uses his knowledge in reverse engineering and developing computer programs to do something useful. As for the hacker, it is the one who uses his knowledge to break the protection of programs to make them free, and you must know that the thing that hackers hates the most is crack, not just this. And even fight its spread whenever they can, and here is a realistic example that we learned through the man behind the unfettered jailbreak of iOS 4.x and named on Twitter as i3n0c, and he decided to contribute to the next jailbreak only in order to block the package Installous and similar packages in the jailbreak, and this person wrote a tweet on Twitter saying:

"The idea of ​​a jailbreak restricting the work of pirated apps was a no-brainer, which gave me an impetus to do an unrestricted jailbreak for iOS 5."

"Milicigoran had a great idea to have all upcoming jailbreakers block Installous from working."

Therefore, we would like to point out the difference between jailbreaking and downloading Cydia store programs and between crack and pirated applications, such as those on Installous, for crack is considered theft by taking something without paying for it, so you must put yourself in the position of developers and programmers who have put their effort, time and money to come up with a product worth buying And they price it according to what they think is appropriate, and then others come and steal their programs, which kills creativity and makes programmers take one of two ways, either to raise the price of their applications to compensate for their losses, or to give up new programs that may be useful to you and change the field of work completely.

Although we have highlighted the difference between a jailbreak and a crack on the topic “The legal ruling of the jailbreak and crack and clarify the difference between them“But many readers still ask us, and worse than that, they ask us about how to get a crack for our programs :), which is funny and crying for us for two reasons: The first is that we find someone who asks us about the way he stole us and asks us for an answer, but of course we excuse him because He does not know, and the second reason is that we find that the Muslims whose religion forbids them from violating the rights of others are the most people who fall into the forbidden, so although the West has nothing to prevent them from falling into that except their morals, we find them avoiding that and buying applications officially, which is what we found. Our opposite is true, and Arab forums are full, and everyone finds himself any justification for what he does.

Blog administrator's word:
No one can prevent the crack, not even Dave Tim and the genius developer i0n1c, nor the largest companies can prevent crack and it is only a matter of time and everything falls, and I personally am convinced that the crack phenomenon is healthy if a person knows its harm and knows how to control it so that he buys the programs he likes to encourage its development And urging them to do the best. But we must educate because in the Arab world, unfortunately, there is great ignorance about these matters, so that some people think that the programs are harvested from the trees and that they should be all free and do not know how much money and effort is being made to create these programs. Some even do not know something called the software store, and all they know is Instals, and even if the program is free, download it from Instals. In the age of technology, we must learn and teach right from wrong, and then you are free in what you do, but the most important thing is to learn and learn and teach your brothers.

Brother tell us, is the jailbreaking for you only for using pirated software? Or do you use the jailbreak to download other useful programs, whether free or paid?

Source: limera1n

The best thing about this article is that the discussion takes place politely and with respect, everyone respects the other, God willing. The truth is, I see a big change and we hope to continue like this. No one is fanatic to his opinion, and we remain brothers, and we advise some people

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