Many of you have heard and participated with the moves and calls to start the three uprising, and our brothers from all countries of the world are trying hard to mobilize their brothers to eliminate the injustice of our brothers in Palestine and defend our holy land, and a date has been set for this uprising which is 15-5-2011, but unfortunately God did not appreciate that The third intifada. Among the efforts of our brothers to call for this uprising and get rid of the Zionist enemy were pages on Facebook, changes on Twitter, and finally a program on mobile devices, including the Third Intifada program for the iOS environment, which Apple suspended until the day of the uprising and was published in the software store 15-5

And as a reaction from the Zionist side, which does not leave little or no big or small harm to its interests without interfering, on the contrary we leave everyone who blows and tears insulting us and hurts our belief and our history and does not move, one of the ministers in the Zionist government officially addressed Apple and demanded that they remove the application of the third Palestinian uprising from the software store Because it aims to escalate the Palestinian-Israeli position, as described by the minister. It was stated in a report Reuters The letter addressed to Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, by the Israeli Minister of Public Diplomacy, in which he described the application as “calling for protest and planning for violence towards the State of Israel.” And he added, “I am convinced that you are fully aware and aware of what may lead to it such as These applications mobilize many for a goal that may be catastrophic and with dire consequences.

Of course, this quick reaction reflects the speed of the Zionist government in confronting any Arab attempt to defend our right to our Palestinian state. Unfortunately, as Arabs, our governments still do not express their people. All Muslims on the face of the earth are not satisfied with what is happening to their brothers in the land of Palestine and they want to move seriously to end this occupation or at least to put an end to what is happening to our brothers.

And what was Apple's response? Do not expect anything from Apple, as Apple immediately surrendered to the Zionists! I quote what Al-Jazeera said.

The "Apple Computer" company bowed to Israeli pressure and removed an Arabic-language application that was promoting a Palestinian uprising, according to an Israeli government statement. An Israeli statement hailed the "rapid response of Apple" as "another important step in preventing violent incitement in the new media." A Jewish "human rights group" and Israeli officials considered that the content of the application constituted "anti-Semitism and incitement to violence against Israel." The group considered that the applications contain anti-Israel content - articles, photos of martyrs, and stories - and informs users of updates on further incitement to protest and violence. Israeli Minister of Diplomatic Affairs Yuli Edelstein also sent a letter to Apple founder Steve Jobs, in which he called for the company to immediately withdraw applications related to the Third Intifada, and to continue the tradition of Apple applications intended for entertainment and news purposes "and not to act as a tool for incitement to violence." "We have removed these applications from Apple's e-commerce center because they violate the developer's guidelines because they attack large groups of people," the New York Times quoted an Apple spokesperson as saying.


This is Apple's reaction, and the truth is I am not shocked. Apple has never been my “aunt”, and in any case, it will never take into account my interests, and there is no difference with it if our brothers are being slaughtered and humiliated on the land of Palestine, and this is expected of it as a company that maintains its interest in such behavior. As we told you before, these companies have no debt.

But I just ask why, Apple, you deleted a program that contains false news about what is happening in Palestine, this is a news program and has real news. Is every news program in the software store that Apple reviews its news to see if it meets Zionist aspirations or not!

What about the programs in the software store that insult the Palestinians and the religion of Islam, why were they not deleted, Apple?

This game, for example, says in its dirty description that he made: This game takes you to the time when the Israelis were holding them by the Palestinian army, and your mission is to save the Israelis. God chose you to carry out this mission ... After you kill the Palestinians, you can break prison restrictions and save the Israelis, God is with you.

Is not this incitement to violence? Is not this an impression of killing the Palestinians and underestimating an entire people who used to live with dignity in their land until the Zionists usurped it?


Well, I do not want to speak and make decisions while I am angry, because the anger has reached its peak with me, and it is not professional to take decisions in my case, but I ask my rational brothers and I do not want words that stem from angry feelings only and it is impractical and unenforceable. We said a lot when the Facebook administration blocked our pages I left the pages of the devil worshipers, and we said we will boycott and we will, and we did not boycott and did not do anything on the contrary. Our request for Facebook increased.

How do we act in response to Apple’s acquiescence to the demands of the Zionists? I know that we will not be able to do much, but we will not stand idly by, we must have a role, what can we do in favor of our cause How do we show the Zionists that we have already caved in and got drunk and forgot for a period of time but now something has changed inside me why I promise myself the one who is satisfied with that, and I am no longer the same person who is silent about the injustice of his brothers. I have changed and become my stances, and I am ready to die not for the sake of Palestine, but in the path that God has prescribed for us. Please suggest to us, dear brother, what should we do?


Website of the third Palestinian uprising

Source: Reuters | The island | Thank you Omar for alerting you to the Zionist game and everyone who sent us the news

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