More than three months have passed since the sale of the iPad 2, and since then the hacker community and those in charge of the jailbreak have not been able to access the iPad 2 and break its protection, and the failure was the fruit of all their attempts. And so that we know more why it is possible to jailbreak all devices, and it is not possible to jailbreak the iPad 2, even though the firmware version is one, and the reason is the solid component gaps, which are the gaps that can only be fixed after a new device has been made and a vulnerability has been made. limera1n Which was discovered by the genius, George Hotz, is the vulnerability that was used to jailbreak devices operating with an A4 processor, such as the iPhone 4, the iPad, and the fourth generation of the iPod Touch, so when the iPad 2 was released with a new processor and patching the gap limera1n The jailbreak didn't work for him, so the hacker community has struggled to discover another way to jailbreak it.

But do not worry, the hacker community does not give up, and there is information from the Comex developer who specializes in JailbreakMe, and the easiest way to jailbreak is that it works on a new package called JailbreakMe 3.0. As we know that the jailbreak feature provided by JailbreakMe is that it does not need a computer and is very simple, so all you have to do is open its site and then pull the slider and the Comex package will do the rest, but you must make sure that your device is connected to the Internet. This method is the preferred method for the majority because it is very simple and does not require many hardware, software, or even experience.

Today that I tried to enter the site JailbreakMe You will find that an image has been placed with the words (it's been far too long) and programmatic comments explaining that it has been working on this jailbreak since last August, and it has previously indicated that the next package will use a vulnerability related to files in PDF format (note that the vulnerability that was used in the past It was based on a bug in the font when it was downloaded via the browser, and of course Apple patched this vulnerability)

The next JailbreakMe 3 package will enable you to jailbreak all devices, including the iPad 0, and this made it clear to us after Comex wrote a tweet on Twitter stating that all devices running on the iOS 2 version. 4, 2 This package will work with it, which has returned hope to many, and what are only days, and those interested in the world of jailbreak will be able to enjoy jailbreaking on the latest Apple iPad 1 devices.

We do not know when the new jailbreak will be available, but the latest Comex tweets report that it has solved all the problems, and the jailbreak may be available very soon.

One of the versions of the beta version was leaked hours ago for the experience, but it only works on version 4.3 Wi-Fi, and of course we do not recommend trying it at all

So, we may be hours or days away from the final version of the comex hacker, and it will be available on

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