Today we offer you a gift from the month of Ramadan from the iPhone Islam Fatwa application in cooperation with the site Who won the admiration of everyone with his innovative, simple and practical idea at the same time, so we decided to cooperate with the owners of the site and create an application with the same idea that works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

What is the application of the fatwa?

The fatwa is an application that aims to facilitate access to the fatwas of scholars on the Internet, by searching in a large group of scholars 'websites at one time, and this list is constantly talking ... even though the application of the fatwa makes it easier for you to access what you are looking for on scholars' websites, but it is not It is considered an application of fatwas in and of itself, as it is only a mediator between you and the sites of trusted scholars.

The application is a copy of the site, but it is prepared to work on your devices in a better and natural way and has the advantage of saving the fatwa in the favorites, and soon, many advantages will be added to the program to outperform the site, as you know we love to compete for good.

Fatwa application, of course, requires an internet connection, but we will work in the future to make the fatwa saved in your favorites work even without an internet connection.

We will always work to develop the program, God willing, there are several great ideas to make this application very useful for every Muslim. We ask God to reward the best owners and developers of the idea in iPhone Islam, especially the developer Muhammad Ashry and designer Muhammad Talbani from the iPhone Islam team, for the speedy implementation of the application.

In the end, users always ask that the application be free for a day or two ... This application is free forever, God willing, but hasten to download it now before the offer ends :). Tell us how to make it better.

Download the application for free from the software store

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