Praise be to God, thankfully, thanks to God, and then with your support and love. The developed Islamic calendar program won the award for the best idea of ​​an Arabic application in the Mobily Developers Competition.

Isn't this happy news at the beginning of the month of Mubarak, and until we are happy together, we will make the developed Islamic calendar program free for everyone until it is downloaded for everyone who voted for us, click the following link to download the program

We would like to thank Mobily for this initiative and this competition, and we look forward to making the competition better in the coming years, God willing, and we hope for more support from all Arab companies, in the end this brings good to everyone and revives creativity among Arab youth.

Thank you to all the followers of the iPhone site Islam, may God reward you well for your love and support, and we promise you more surprises and applications, God willing. This award is an incentive for us to provide the best and to create better programs.

So that your comments are not limited to congratulations, we take advantage of your enthusiasm and your joy with us :) We would like you to suggest ideas for programs that we implement you really need or programs with distinctive innovative ideas 

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