We've repeatedly talked about reading as the most important goal of many technologies and applications. All interested readers understand the importance of writing notes and taking quotes and also realize that technology should be exploited in this area. It is natural that we find the App Store crowded with many reading assistance applications, some of which shorten the way for the user to display a number of the most famous quotes in various languages ​​of the world. But the problem faced by the Arab user, as usual, is in the absence of Arabic applications that offer serious and targeted quotes and creative output. We can say that an application Quotes in success It is an orphan app in this field that has come out well. But not anymore; The necessity of having an Arabic application presented in a distinctive way and that includes various quotes that prompted us to work in this field. Thank God, the “Quote” application has been uploaded to the application store and Apple has approved it.

The application of a quote came to present a group of Arabic quotations, which exceeded a thousand quotes in various fields and for authors with different orientations and interests. These quotations are divided into seven sections for ease of viewing.

Application Sections:

  • Their commandments: It includes a set of quotes in the form of unconventional and meaningful advice and recommendations
  • Khawatir: A group of ideas that came to the fore on various topics, worth sharing
  • Feelings: It contains many quotes about different human feelings and expresses them in an influential literary way
  • Meditations: presents a collection of others' reflections on life and the essence of human experience
  • Humanities: Quotes that speak of what goes on in the human mind about himself
  • Question: Philosophical questions, some of which are literary, stimulating thinking and research
  • The temptation of writing: All of the above is communicated to us by sharing it with us through writing. This section includes many quotes about writing and the writer's relationship with it

The application contains Arabic and translated quotes. There are also some quotes taken from youth writers on the Internet, so the quotes will be valuable for presenting ideas from both directions: the old based on traditional methods of publishing, and the talk that depends on the Internet and its tools.

As can be seen from the photos; The application adopts an innovative way of displaying so that the divisions appear in an animation like clouds, and when choosing a section, it is displayed. In addition to the overall design style, taking into account modernity in colors and their consistency and departing from the usual pattern in quotes applications.

The application, of course, provides the ability to share via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. And since it displays hundreds of quotes, you'll definitely find a lot more to keep, and the favorites feature will do that.

The application is free, but it is supported by an advertisement, and if you want to delete the advertisement to get the application in its distinctive form, you can do so by purchasing from within the application.

We still have several ideas for developing a “quote” in the future, and inevitably we need your views on the application and your suggestions for developing it.

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Citations collected and edited by: Haifa Al-Zahrani

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