Do you feel that time is running out and may you lose sight of your tasks due to a lack of awareness of time? You do not need an alarm, but you need someone to remind you of the passage of the hours so that a task does not take more time than it is supposed to, with the application of the talking clock, an hour will not pass by you unless you are alerted with a wonderful radio Arabic pronunciation, and do not worry, you will never be bothered, so you have complete control over the times that are You like to say the hour in it.

Also, the alerts system is integrated with the operating system, and this means that you do not need to open the application to be alerted, but rather this is done even when the application is closed, and there is no exploitation of the device's resources.

Sometimes you cannot look at your device to know the time because you are busy with more important things such as driving a car or watching your child. Do not worry about the talking clock. It speaks the time as soon as you open the application and there is a button on the interface that speaks the time in detail, minutes and hours when pressed.

If you are someone who puts your device on a stand or even when you charge your device, it will be great to see the time in front of you always like a desktop clock and there are four beautiful themes you can choose between.

Universal app, works on all iOS devices - iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It also works in portrait and landscape mode

Talking watch features

  1. The first Arabic speaking watch
  2. It speaks the time every hour even if the app is closed
  3. Ability to control the hours of speaking time
  4. Speech time in detail minutes and hours when you open the app
  5. Speak time immediately upon opening the application and through a special button to speak the time when pressed
  6.  You can choose between four distinct shapes that suit all tastes
  7. Display the day, date and weather
  8. The appearance of the time can be set on a 24 hour system
  9. An alarm can be set to run on a daily basis or at a specific time
  10. Alarm with snooze capability for repeated alarms
  11. Multiple alarm sounds

There are many ideas to develop the application further, the most important of which is adding an option to sounds when alerting the hours, for example someone might want to hear a light ringing sound every hour instead of speaking the time, also adding more themes and making them animated and of course your suggestion is important, after your experience of the application you will discover what can be added to make it better

Buy the app for $ 1.99

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