You may have heard about Abu Yusef application You may not have heard, but before I talk about the application, we would like to first tell you why we did it and why we spent so much time developing it until it reached version 3.0, and why did we not talk about it before on the iPhone site Islam

The idea of ​​the application is not new, it is a well-known idea and the most famous embodiment of it is an application Tom cat And the dog bin, There is no doubt that the Tom Cat application is very funny and it was a reason for children jumping over me when I entered the house to take my phone and play with this fun application, and the truth is I never mind and I find it really a funny and entertaining application, and it is enough that they will remain silent about the continuous (Zen) for several minutes ... Until this day, I found my child burp loudly and his brothers laughing, and when I asked why are you laughing, they said that he does like a dog Ben, so I took the phone and checked the app well and found that these animals do very bad things like wind and burp. For our values ​​and our manners.

That is why we decided to create an application that mimics these applications and does not deviate from being a pleasant entertainment application while delivering positive messages and maintaining the fun side in it, and at the same time there was a decision not to stop developing it until it is the best application in this category and compete strongly and excel and add many One of the advantages is that Abu Yusuf also becomes a platform to deliver messages in a loving and fun way.


Why Abu Yusef and why not an animal or a game?

Choosing Abu Yusef as a character with an Arab appearance came because we want Abu Yusuf to be a tool to convey messages on your tongue in a fun way and not just a doll that repeats words, and we do not think that anyone wants to be represented by an animal or something non-human. Abu Yusuf can talk about you when you want to tell something or you want to deliver a message without showing yourself and your message arriving in a loving and nice way. Example: You want to tell young people to be interested in prayer and to keep it on time ...

This is just a simple example, Abu Yusef is just a tool that gives you many capabilities to create a meaningful or fun video, the important thing is that your message reaches and your community is involved.

Also, one of the advantages of Abu Yusef is to give you control over almost everything, and an example of the benefits of control is when you call Abu Yusef, you can choose what Abu Yusef’s response will be and whether it is in the affirmative or refusal or only to match you with what you say ... I personally use this feature when he asks me. One of my children is something and I want to refuse, but in a nice way, so that he accepts my rejection cheerfully and laughs, I say to him, I do not agree, but let's call Abu Yusef and ask him, if he agrees, there is no problem ... and since I am the one in control, Abu Yusef’s opinion will be my opinion :)

Remember, creativity has no limits with Abu Yusef ... you can do wonderful things and exploit it in many ways, all of which ultimately lead to an enjoyable and beneficial time.

Abu Youssef application features

  1. He spoke, and Abu Youssef repeats what you say in a cheerful voice
  2. Have Abu Yusef perform several moves:
    • Peace
    • Prayer
    • eater
    • Jogging
    • Sleeping
    • Conversation on the phone
  3. Multiple other movements by touching Abu Yusef and dragging him
  4. Record a video and save it to the pictures folder
  5. Share the video via Facebook, YouTube or mail

Abu Yusuf's unique features (not found in any similar app)

  1. Control facial expressions
  2. Control the tone of voice between fun and thick
  3. Hearing acuity control (useful in noisy locations)
  4. Control Abu Yusuf's response to the phone
  5. The possibility of conducting a dialogue with Abu Yusef with your voice
  6. The possibility of rounding the face of Abu Yusef
  7. Quick registration without waiting for Abu Yusef to repeat the words
  8. A video channel that gathers a number of user posts
  9. The possibility of uploading your participation to the Abu Youssef channel so that thousands of you can see your creativity

The application required a lot of time and effort in developing it, especially since there are some new technologies for us completely, such as sound control, purification, speed of processing, recording, video, XNUMXD graphics, etc. It is better for entertainment applications to be in our hands and to control them in order to preserve our values ​​and at the same time not prevent our children from fun and modern technology

One last thing :) 

We are very happy when we see your responses and evaluate you for our applications in the software store, and these are some distinctive comments about Abu Yusef ...

Q8yatai: Sweet, special, the sound of the ears for the little ones
Melonim: Awesome application related to Arab culture and lifestyle. Very good, thanks
Oh my battery.x .: My son loves this App. May Allah swt reward you for making this
Abusuliman: May God guide you. The mobile phone became my hand

In the end, there is a lot that we would like to present through the application of Abu Yusuf, and we will continue to develop it, God willing, and we would like your suggestions as we are used to you.


Download the free version

Buy the full app at $ 1.99

All thanks and appreciation to those who have tired in developing this application to reach what they have reached now. In particular, Mohamed Ashry, Ahmed Youssef, designer Mohamed Tilbani, and the mover of the tycoon, De Ismail Dakroury

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