One of the most famous sports channels in the Arab world and the world over the past 8 years is the Al-Jazeera sports group, after it carried out several tournaments exclusively, such as the World Football Championship in 2010 and several other tournaments exclusively. It offers a free month to watch all the 8 encrypted Al Jazeera channels, whose subscription price is $ 75 and is offered for free for the month of November.

How wonderful to watch your favorite football matches of the Champions League or the famous Spanish League on the big iPad screen anywhere. If you want to bring a cup of tea, take your iPad with you in the kitchen and you will not miss the goal or if you are a fan of NBA and other Sports, where the island offers more than 10 thousand sporting events annually, so register now and do not miss the opportunity, so the steps to register to get the free month are easy:

Click on this link The Al Jazeera website will be opened for you only by entering the data to register, then click on Register, and after the registration is completed successfully, the following image will appear:

After that download the program

Now you can watch the channels and use the account data that you registered to watch the matches and get watching throughout the month of November for free, and there is no need to pay a November subscription or to go to watch matches in cafes throughout this month because you have a free subscription, and if you own an Apple TV, you can also try using the special AirPlay Mirroring feature On iPad 2, watch broadcasts on your TV, and invite your friends and family to watch the matches with you.

Day after day, we see the iPad increasingly entering our lives, and companies' interest in it increases in various fields, especially the field of media, television channels, etc., and the field in which the iPad is still not widely spread in our Arab world is the educational field and is still considered an entertainment device in the first place, perhaps for a high Calorie.

Note: You can also watch Al Jazeera Sports channels in the month of November for free via the computer after entering the Al Jazeera Sports website. There is also an application for iPhone and iPod touch, but as you tell Al Jazeera, it does not work on iOS 5 and it can Download it from here.

Are you interested in football or do you see it as a waste of time and money as we think?

Special thanks to our friend Turki Al Turki for sending the news

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