Do you like crossword puzzles, search for them in newspapers and magazines, and never leave them without finishing it all? Are you one of those who wait for the next issue of the newspaper only to play crossword puzzles and perhaps you are one of those who only care about crosswords in magazines or newspapers. There are really fans of the game of crossword puzzles, they have abundant information and love puzzles and have the patience to enjoy this great game.

What do you think of solving more than 162 crossword quizzes, in four different levels?

Are you ready to test your abilities and solve the game's 3 levels, ie 136 competitions, and then reach the gold level? This strange level, which was specially made for the game, so that the horizontal and vertical puzzles are the same? An amazing thing that you will immediately fall in love with.

Are you ready for the challenge؟

Or are you the one who dislikes the crossword game and finds it boring and stubborn? Why don't you like it? Is it because you hate to play for half an hour solving a complex riddle and then find that you made a mistake in a word at the beginning and then go back and try, and all this makes the game difficult, especially since your vocabulary and information are few? For your sake, we specially designed the first and second levels so that we take your hand from a crossword hatter to a lover and professional and you reach to play the third level in a traditional way as professionals should play.

In the first and second levels, you are alerted when you enter an incorrect word by changing the background color of the square to red, and also if the word is correct, the background of the square is changed to green, so you do not build wrong words on each other, and this is what bother most beginners.

Also, another aid has been added, which is solving eight words for you in the first level, or five words in the second level, or three words in the third level, so if a stubborn word stands in front of you, never get bored and train yourself with the rest of the words and benefit from the information and save it to use it in other puzzles.

Some haters of the crossword game do not like it because they see it depends mainly and only on the names of the pre-Islamic poets, difficult and old information and synonyms, and he sees all the questions difficult and also unfashionable, the truth I find them right in that ... so we preferred that the site readers of crossword professionals from different countries send puzzles to us They are original and that they were created or transferred from their environment to be easy and distinct ... Indeed, dozens of puzzles have been sent to us and have been revised and included in the game in addition to some of the puzzles on the Internet, so that the total competitions are very large, as we previously told.

Now, what do you think if you were playing in one of the competitions and you found some questions solved - Apple or iPad or even iPhone Islam :) - Will you see here the game modern and entertaining?

Or are you one of the people who have never played such games before? Do you want to try the game that they say not only tests your general knowledge, but also tests the ability of the mind to connect words, increase your mental abilities, and get abundant general information?

Why do not you try it? We have designed the game to be the best crossword game, whether Arabic or foreign, for you. We put in it the simplicity of the interface, ease of play, effects and attractive colors also multiple stages for all levels The questions are not difficult and you can try your information and if you make a mistake, a red light appears to appear You have that, and if you fail even to answer, you can solve the word that stands in front of you in order to continue playing. Even if you lose hope and 20 minutes pass by trying, then you can choose the complete solution to show you the full answer, and benefit from all the information that you could not solve on your own.

The iPhone Islam team was very tired in this game and we tried to make it the best crossword game in the store and to suit everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner, whether you love the game or hate it. We paid attention to all the details, things that we know that the average user will not realize and will not realize that we have taken care of everything from the help screen to the smallest details such as pressing the scan button at length to scan a whole word or moving between questions easily, setting the percentage of your solution, measuring the time in which the solution was completed, and other details That you may not realize it separately, but the whole experience, we hope that it will be at the required level, and not just making an application quickly, just to put it in the software store as it does a lot.

Game features:

  • A large number of puzzles, up to 162 puzzles
  • Three levels to suit all skills and ages
  • Wonderful golden level, the puzzles of which were created in an innovative way
  • Access any square immediately by touching it
  • Move between horizontal and vertical words with one touch
  • The ability to list all puzzles in one table for easy navigation
  • Automatic correction at the first and second levels
  • Percentage of correct solution to see the progress of each puzzle
  • The opportunity to get help to solve one or more words in all stages
  • The complete solution can be shown after 20 minutes of playing each puzzle
  • Easy to play despite that there is a screen to help

I would like to thank the one who started this project about a year ago and left him for the circumstances of the death of his parents. We ask God to bring them together in Heaven, which is Engineer Muhammad Habib, then I thank the one who completed this project, Engineer Ahmed Qabbani, and also thank the original designer who always excels in his designs, Hani Hani, then The designer, Muhammad Tilbani, who could not help but put his mark as well, and I thank Ibrahim Qureiqa and Ahmed Fakih for testing the application and making sure that it works well and that his puzzles are correct. In the end, I thank Professor Ashraf Sirri who took it upon himself to enter the puzzles in the evidence base.
In fact, there are many who worked on this application until it comes out in this way and we do not want to forget your contribution with us and everyone who sent us puzzles, even if he got a reward, but this is not enough, and we must thank him for his love and for his contribution to a distinguished Arab application.
  • Ahmed bin Musa
  • Grazer
  • Faisal Al Nabulsi
  • Muhammad Al-Taif
  • Salman saw
  • Mai Abdel Hafiz Ali
  • Nart Shapsough
  • Abu Muawiya Khreisheh
  • Ahmed Bafqih
  • Samir Al-Salami
  • Aisha bint Khalid
  • Mishary Mohammed Al-Hazzani

Some said that the price of the application is high, and we do not blame the average user who thinks that the prices of some foreign applications are cheaper, but simply the number of Arab users is few and the number who buy applications and do not use the crack is less and so that we can develop more applications and continue to support the application. We must first educate the user to encourage Arab companies so that the price decreases and competition increases, then we must set a price suitable for the cost of the application, if the hours of application development are many and a number of developers work on it, this leads to its high cost and of course a high price. Of course, the user has the right to support us or not, and we may make a mistake when we leave the application to reach a high cost, but our love for producing something good is what drives us to continue developing it, and our love to produce Arabic applications only and support the Arab store is what makes us continue, and I think after a certain period of time When the number of Arab developers increases, the cost of application development decreases, and the number of users who have sufficient awareness to buy applications and not use the crack increases, then the price will decrease to the minimum and Arab companies will increase and competition will appear that leads to more quality and diversity.

 Buy the complete app at a one-day discounted rate of only $ 2.99

As you know, we always develop applications and do not leave them as they are, and our plans for this application are to make a compatible version with the iPad and to develop more in its interface and make the size of the keyboard larger, and also add the Game Center so that each player can measure the extent of his superiority compared to others ... and all this came based on For your note and we hope to hear more from you. Soon we will put a trial version that he did not want to try the application before purchasing it.

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