We spoke yesterday About the Letters and Words application winning the Qatar University Communication Center Award and its first place in the mobile application competition, and today we are talking to you in detail about this wonderful application ...

When you enter your house, the holder of your smartphone or iPad, and your son sees it in your hand, is he not attracted to him? Quickly, you sit with him to show him the games that you have loaded on your phone for his sake only, then spend together a wonderful time playing and having fun and learning, when you meet with your siblings and each of them brings his children not around you until you make them watch the wonderful programs full of colors and sounds and you play them for hours and in the end the children learn and become their uncle or Their favorite uncle.

Aren't children the youth of the future? Why is the West interested in children's programs and we do not care about it? Why not give children information and at the same time make them enjoy, play and are attracted to it? Why are programs directed at our Arab children so few, poorly made, and underestimating the minds of our smart children? From here came the idea of ​​a Letters and Words program, because children are the best directors for the programs, and we decided to create a program for children.

In the Letters and Words application, we made sure that the application is very rich and not just a normal application. The program starts on the main screen and is distinguished by this screen that its elements do not appear suddenly, but everything appears at a certain time one after the other, which makes the beginning of the program interesting, also the moving elements such as clouds, sun and program colors Al Zahia attracts the attention of children and adults.

On the main screen, there are three options, either words, letters, or sounds, each option contains recognize or play.

Objectives of the Letters and Words program

  • From six months to two years
    • Child's attraction to sounds, and to recognize some of them
    • Seeing and distinguishing animals, birds and different things from his environment
    • Watch the movement of items on the screen and try to touch these items
  • From three years to five years
    • Learn Arabic letters and know how to pronounce them
    • Learn the arrangement of Arabic letters
    • Learn the famous Arabic words and their pronunciation
    • Learn the sounds and distinguish between them
  • From six years onwards
    • Knowing the correct spelling of famous Arabic words
    • Knowing the correct way to write all Arabic letters
    • Measure the child's knowledge through the stages of advanced play
  • General goals
    • Loving children in modern technology
    • Exploiting technology in educating children
    • Taking care of children at an early age because they are the future of our nation
    • The participation of the father and the mother of their children educational games

Now the mobile devices are in the hands of our children. We bought them an iPod and an iPad and let them play for a long time, but do we know what they are playing? We must be careful about the content, because the device itself is worthless without good content, and my children may learn useful things or learn things that are useless, so why not use this time in something useful and useful?


Download the iPhone and iPod version at $ 2.99

Download the high-quality iPad version for $ 4.99

Note: Although the application is developed by us, its full rights belong to the Qatar University Center for Communication, which sells the application in the software store and uses it in research related to the use of mobile devices in the field of education and other fields.

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