Praise be to God who mocked the world and taught us what we do not know as mercy and great grace. Praise be to God who made science and technology easy for us, facilitated our livelihood and gave us of his blessings that cannot be counted.

After the spread of smart phones and tablet devices and users became dependent on them greatly, then the demand for these phones and devices applications increased, and there became a very large number of applications in software stores, users were confused about how to choose the appropriate applications for them that serve their needs and daily tasks, especially the Arab user who did not These stores helped him and did not serve his language or his habit, either in search or classification, so it became necessary to find a site that provides services for finding suitable applications for Arab users. Indeed, in the Western world, many sites have appeared that provide this service and provide it correctly, unlike what happened in the Arab world, despite the emergence of a few of these sites, but they did not exceed them as news sites or blogs specialized in news of applications and programs, did not provide anything new and left the user in The same bewilderment can only find distinct and useful applications by chance and luck.

August-Aad website (www.app3ad.comIt is a necessary site in the era of apps or apps, and this is why its name is a composite of two syllables app - returned with some of them to form the word app - back and give applications a new dimension, but how?

  • Reclassification of applications

    • Reclassification of applications is the first thing the user needs, so the software store classifications do not suit Arab applications and do not suit the Arab user, for example, Quran applications, hadith applications and prayer applications cannot be placed in one category as well with applications for dictionaries, language education and others, so the App-Aad website will reclassify applications More effectively to suit the user more and find what he wants faster and discover more applications in the field he loves.
  • Ranking of developers and linking their applications

    • On the App-Aad website, it is very easy to see a specific developer’s applications, especially if his applications are your favorite because of their quality and the value of their content. Thus, the best developer will have the lion’s share in displaying his applications and thus the popularity of his applications, which drives him to make better applications since he has the talent and ability to enrich Arabic content Unlike the developers who just want to make a profit, they will not have a share of the fame of the App-Aad site.
  • Search efficiency

    • All users complain about the bad search service in the Arabic language in the software store, and it is rare to find what you are looking for. Therefore, it has become necessary to find a strong search engine that knows Arabic vocabulary and can intelligently search for what the user wants to come up with the appropriate applications for his search.
  • Block bad content

    • Who among us is not afraid for his children to see one of the bad apps in the software store whose names and pictures contain things that we adults are ashamed of. We spoke repeatedly on the iPhone Islam site about solutions to disinfect the software store And we discovered that the best solution is to ignore these applications until they disappear completely, as for our responsibility at the present time to spare our children and our families these bad applications and with the presence of the App-back site, the user will not need to enter the application store except to download the application only, and everything bad is resolved.
  • Application evaluation

    • Unfortunately, developers resort to some tricks to increase the sales of their applications in the software store, and among these tricks are sending a number of people to evaluate the application well and write incorrect comments to improve the image of the application and make the user aware of the opposite of reality. In August - we have an evaluation system that depends on several elements such as the appearance of the application, its performance, quality, idea and other criteria in order to properly evaluate the application and then leave users to evaluate the applications under supervision so that the result of the evaluation of the application is closer to health than the Apple software store. This is not to leave the opportunity for the user to express his opinion about the application and its quality and write in his comment his experience with the application.
  • Make offers

    • Many foreign websites cooperate with developers for the benefit of the user and the developer simultaneously, and this is what we will do in August-back and we will make the applications free for limited periods, thus benefiting the user and the developer. There are several mechanisms to ensure the benefit for all, God willing.
  • User awareness

    • In the end, the user must know that his guarantee for better applications is his support for the developer, and we will provide awareness campaigns for that, God willing, so what is the use of devices without good applications and how did we leave these devices in the hands of our children without knowing their content, so it is unreasonable to leave them to foreign applications that may teach them things that are inconsistent with our morals Our habits and our religion, and we must always find for them alternative Arab applications that teach and benefit them and at the same time entertain them.
  • And there's more

    • Not only what was mentioned is what we are planning for, it is still early, so Umar August is just days back, but despite his young age, he depends on the experience of his older brother, iPhone Islam, who has given him so far a lot and will not leave him, God willing, until he stands on his feet and benefits every Arab user We are all proud of it and it is as important as the iPhone Islam site.

The site is still under developmentCurrently, despite the official launch of the site today, it is still under development, and its final version will be synchronized with the launch of its own applications in the app store, and this is within weeks, God willing.

We know that most of you browse this news through the iPhone or iPad, and the absence of a copy of the App-Ad website that is compatible with your device is a temporary thing, and the truth is that we intend that the application for the site is an alternative to the version of the site on Apple devices and we will continue to develop the site and applications with linking them together To give the user an alternative store to the Apple software store, a store that understands the needs of the Arab user.

Do not worry, do not worry, the App-Aad website will be very useful for you, God willing. We know how to love the app options on Friday at the iPhone site Islam and with the passage of days and the development of App-Aad will be every Friday for you. We just ask for your support, your follow-up and your ideas.

We ask everyone, especially please, follow the App-Aad website now on social networks ... there are good news for everyone, great applications, articles and offers ... waiting for you.

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